Best George Foreman Grill

What To Look For In A George Foreman Grill

George Foreman is undefeated in the grilling business due to the wide range of products it has to offer. So, if you’re having trouble deciding which is the best George Foreman grill for you, have no fear for we’ve prepared a complete, comprehensive guide to help you pick one to fit your needs.

Size and Servings

The amount of space you will need will directly depend on your intentions for use. If you’re someone who loves hosting 4th of July parties, family lunches, tailgating, and events that entail serving a larger number of people then it’s best to opt for a model with greater cooking space to allow more servings at a time such as the George Foreman GGR50B.

However, if you’re looking to cook for only a small family, then a grill with a smaller cooking area would be more appropriate like the George Foreman GRP1060B.

Don’t forget to consider the available space you have to place the grill. Luckily, George Foreman grills come in a variety of sizes, making it easier to prepare either single entrees or a big family meal. An electric, compact one may be more suitable for you if you’re residing in an apartment or have limited space available but still love to indulge those juicy, tender meats grilled to perfection. 

Temperature controls

If you prefer your meats slightly charred or seared, the temperature capabilities of your grill are crucial.

George Foreman grills offer a range of temperatures, however, when it comes to temperature control, this option is offered with a few of the Foreman products, but not all. Having more control of the temperature allows you to get creative with your culinary skills.

Models without temperature controls won’t be a bad choice, but they won’t offer the same level of cooking precision especially if you like to experiment with your food.  All in all, it comes down to personal preference and your cooking style.

User Friendliness

When it comes to user-friendliness, George Foreman products are at the top of the game. The non-stick coating and fat-removing features enhance the overall culinary experience. Some grills even come with removable plates, which can be easily tossed in the dishwasher for a good wash.

However, this level of user-friendliness does not come cheap. The greater the features, the higher the price tag. And, so, these machines are comparatively more expensive than the economic Foreman grills.

Therefore, it is important to take into consideration your budget, requirements and whether having user-friendly features is a necessity for you.

Grill type

George Foreman is known for creating a diverse range of every type of grill. An important question to ask yourself is what kind of grill would you prefer? 

Foreman charcoal grills such as George Foreman GFKTBBQ allows you to indulge in that smoky flavor most barbecue aficionados swear by. Propane grill options are also available for those that prefer grills with minimal startup time and are easy to use. Last but not least, Foreman offers a wide variety of electric grills that are hassle-free, convenient, and healthier to use.

So, make sure you know which grill type suits your needs, tastes, and preferences before you actually start shopping.

Additional Features 

George Foreman grills offer a number of additional features for example cool-touch handles for smooth operation and an adjustable hinge which aids you in cooking a larger piece of meat by allowing the grill to adjust according to the thickness of your food and cook it to perfection.

Drip tray is another valuable feature offered with some models to collect fat and oil while the food is cooking, making the job of cleanup after a breeze.

Some of these features could be extremely useful and could improve your grilling experience and so it’s important to evaluate your needs and preferences and features you would like to have with your budget before making a conclusive decision.