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Summers bring many tempting and exciting outdoor activities. So far, the best among them is grilling in your outdoor space. Grilling brings families and friends together, and it becomes an occasion and moment of celebration for them.

The right type of grill is a must to make sure the party goes well. The grilling experience would be enhanced if you managed to find the best grill that suits your area, budget, and capacity to cook.

Various types of grilling devices are available in the market. However, many prefer a griddle grill with a flat top surface for grilling. It’s no less than a big frying pan serving a dual function. Many notable griddle grills are serving their purpose efficiently. Here is a detailed overview of those best-selling griddle grills and their specifications.

Best Griddle Grill Outdoor Comparison Table

Weber Smokey Joe

Weber Smokey Joe

  • Best Cheap
Check Price
Camp Chef

Camp Chef

  • Best Overall
Check Price


  • Best Top Quality
Check Price
Blackstone 1650

Blackstone 1650

  • Best Top-Rated
Check Price
Royal Gourmet PD1300

Royal Gourmet PD1300

  • Best Reliable
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1. Weber Smokey Joe Grill – Best Cheap Griddle Grill Outdoor

Best Cheap
Weber Smokey Joe Grill - Best Cheap Griddle Grill Outdoor


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Porcelain lid
  • Steel-plated cooking grates
  • Contemporary design
  • 5-year warranty


  • Small grilling space

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Weber Smokey Joe Grill has been famous for delivering griddle grill service at an affordable price. Many grills fail to deliver efficient grilling after a specific time. As a result, a person has to discard them to buy a new one. However, Weber Smokey Joe Grill comes with a 5-year warranty on the cook box, lid, cooking grates, and stainless tubes, and 2 years warranty on the remaining parts. 

This way, it is one of the best budget grills that a person can use safely in the long run. It has unique features that will make everyone fall for this outdoor grill. Those exclusive characteristics features are;  

Exterior design

The design and style are attractive features of Weber Smokey Joe Grill. Moreover, the capsule-shaped structure retains heat, moisture, and humidity inside. This way, the grilled food keeps its aroma and flavor. This simple yet classical design accomplishes the grilling task efficiently. 

The frame structure gets durability and lightweight characteristics from Aluminium. Hence, Aluminium is the primary metal used in its construction. Weber Smokey Joe Grill has a matte finish and appears Charcoal Black. Moreover, Weber Smokey Grill manufacturers enamel the lid with porcelain. This porcelain enamel provides a rust-free surface that is easy to clean and maintain. 

Additionally, the cooking grates are steel-plated. Steel is an ideal material for constructing a grill. It prevents the accumulation of rusty surfaces. Moreover, its sleek texture makes it easy to clean and maintain. 

Compact design

Weber Smokey Joe Grill offers a compact design due to its shape. You can easily carry it in a car while going to a beach or road trip. Hence, load your car to carry a grilling space with you. The entire structure weighs only 9 pounds. It enables you to transport the griddle grill to any desired location. 

Further, its size is perfect to fit in your car’s trunk. Moreover, you can keep it in your small storage room as it doesn’t consume considerable space. Weber Smokey Joe Grill measures 14.2 x 14.5 x 17 inches. Moreover, this ample space is sufficient to toast 5 burgers simultaneously. 


Weber Smokey Joe Grill serves the grilling purpose. Its compact design allows you to cook meals at beach parties or gardens. It offers a sturdy top and side handles. These help you greatly in displacing its spot. 

Weber Smokey Joe Grill consumes charcoal as fuel. Hence, charcoal gives a traditional flavor and aroma to the food. Steel-plated grates enable you to exert little effort to clean the apparatus. Hence, it is easy to clean and maintain this grill. Additionally, it comes with 3D instructions on how to fix the grill when the package arrives. This way, its assembling is quick and easy.

2. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill – Best Overall Griddle Grill Outdoor

Best Overall
Camp Chef Flat Top Grill - Best Overall Griddle Grill Outdoor


  • Four stainless steel burners
  • Non-stick and anti-rust surface
  • Large grilling space


  • Difficult to transport

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It is the best overall griddle grill outdoors. It saves your time by providing ample cooking surface for grilling. Moreover, it gives the food a professional touch, taste, and aroma. Hence, the quality of food it delivers will make you a grill expert. Its compelling and unique features are; 

Flat top surface

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill offers a flat top surface with a heating medium igniting below it. The ample cooking surface measures 600 square inches. As a result, you can serve 6 to 7 people per serving. Moreover, the surface is evenly seasoned for cooking. Hence, it provides a non-stick surface for grilling meat and vegetables. 

Propane is the primary fuel that will keep the flat surface warm. This warmth is evenly distributed throughout the cooking top. As a result, the heat is not concentrated at the center, which will otherwise yield uneven cooking. Considering the best bbq propane grill is one of the important pieces of advice from barbecue experts for the ultimate grilling experience. 

The entire structure is made from alloy steel, including the tabletop. It offers a non-sticky and non-rusty surface. As a result, you can continue cooking without worrying about rust. 

Heating efficiency

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill incorporates four stainless steel burners. These burners are powerful enough to generate 12000 – 18000 BTUs. Moreover, you can separately operate them if you want to grill on a specific portion. 

Moreover, you can easily control the heat with the help of a knob. You can generate different heat zones to cook various items simultaneously. Additionally, it has a matchless ignition system as you don’t need a matchstick to spark the heat. 


Camp Chef Flat Top Grill weighs 71.3 pounds. Moreover, it measures 37 x 62.5 x 22 inches. This great size makes it challenging to transport single-handedly. However, it carries side handles and two front wheels. This way, you can drag it with the help of your friends. With good coordination, you can place it anywhere you want. 

Versatility and utility

It is your constant partner, whether heading to a beach party or the outskirts. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill can even fit in your car’s trunk. This way, you can easily carry it. Moreover, it offers no restrictions related to grilling. As a result, you can even prepare your breakfast or brunch over it. 

Even you can make pancakes, toast vegetables, or bread. Hence, it offers wide applications to its users. Additionally, it has a Grease tray, Catch bucket, and Adjust Griddle leveler. This way, you can easily clean the grill without creating any mess.

3. PIT Boss Gas Griddle – Best Top Quality Burners Griddle Grill Outdoor

Best Top Quality
PIT Boss Gas Griddle - Best Top Quality Burners Griddle Grill Outdoor


  • Large cooking space
  • Professional quality food
  • Generating 62000 BTU
  • Four wheels to facilitate the portability


  • Expensive

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PIT Boss Gas Griddle has the top quality burners to accomplish the grilling. It consists of an LP gas griddle that presents a flat top for grilling. Additionally, it has many distinct features that make it the best quality griddle grill. 

Building material

It utilizes stainless steel and cast iron as building materials. Removing griddle rust is a big hassle therefore, the stainless steel gives an anti-rusting property to the PIT Boss Gas Griddle. Moreover, it keeps the shine and quality of the grill for years.  The whole assembly presents a contemporary look. This way, it can fit in any home or backyard interior design. 

Grilling space

PIT Boss Gas Griddle offers a presentable table top. The surface is pre-seasoned to prevent a sticky surface. This way, food particles will not stick to the surface to make it look messy. Additionally, the grill has 753 square inches of cooking space. It provides ample room for serving 75 to 100 people in an hour. 

Moreover, the surface is 4.7mm thick. This thickness is adequate for delivering optimum heat without burning the food. Hence, you can quickly grill meat or vegetables on PIT Boss Gas Griddle. 


PIT Boss Gas Griddle grill weighs 119.7 pounds. Moreover, it measures 76.97 x 24.09 x 35.04 inches. As a result, it becomes large and bulky for lifting. However, its manufacturers have added additional features to expedite its transformation. 

This griddle gill has folding side panels. Moreover, sturdy four wheels allow the user to transport it anywhere. This way, you can quickly drag it through wheels without troubling yourself. Apart from its heavy weight, you can conveniently translocate the entire grilling apparatus.

Cooking efficiency

PIT Boss Gas Griddle grill provides ample space for cooking food. It has sturdy steel burners to provide the required heat for burning. This way, together, they generate 62000 BTU. These burners help you to create various hot and cold regions on a flat surface. 

Using this big, plane surface, you can cook anything. Many experts and chefs recommend this equipment to cook exotic and tempting food. Moreover, you don’t need to get professional help for its cleaning. You can do it by yourself shortly after using it.

4. Blackstone 1650 TableTop Grill – Best Top Rated Griddle Grill Outdoor

Best Top Rated
Blackstone 1650 TableTop Grill - Best Top Rated Griddle Grill Outdoor


  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Highly portable
  • Durable


  • A small cooking space

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The Blackstone TableTop Grill offers a top-notch grilling experience. It equips a person with all the grilling ingredients and tactics required to become a grill master. Hence, it imparts professional flavor and aroma to the grilled food. Its primary features are;

Exterior design

Blackstone Tabletop Grill looks like a professional stove. Cast iron imparts durability to this griddle grill. Moreover, the entire structure can help you grill for years without wearing out. However, cast iron has a high tendency to initiate the rusting process. Hence, the buyer must be extra cautious about removing the moisture while storing it. 

Blackstone Tabletop Grill has an H-shaped structure. It ensures an even distribution of heat to every compartment. Moreover, the flat-top surface allows the user to cook various food, including beef, chicken, turkey, prawns, vegetables, and other items. 

Cooking surface

Blackstone Tabletop Grill offers 260 square inches of grilling surface. It is adequate for a nuclear family who intends to do BBQ in their backyard. This heavy-duty cooking surface presents a sustainable place for grilling. Moreover, it offers a variation in utility and application. 

Heating efficiency

Although it looks compact in appearance, it is capable of generating adequate heat. Blackstone Tabletop Grill can produce 12000 BTUs at its maximum capacity. This way, it offers adequate heat to cook various food items. Moreover, it has a control knob for regulating the temperature. 

Moreover, this griddle grill has some additional features. It has a heating control system for maintaining the temperature. Additionally, it has a grease catcher. It serves like a tray that stores the grease and residues from grilling. This way, it keeps the area spick and span. Moreover, it has an electric ignition. It reduces the need to have a match stick or lighter fluid. 


Blackstone Tabletop Grill is highly portable due to its compact design. It weighs only 21 pounds and measures 17.5 x 18 x 17 inches. Hence, it is perfect for camping or road trips. Moreover, you can conveniently store it in your backyard or any other place. 

After cleaning with a paper towel, turn the top surface upside down. This maneuver will protect the top surface from rusting or damage. Hence, it is a top-rated outdoor griddle grill that is easy to use and store.

5. Royal Gourmet Gas Griddle Grill – Best Reliable Griddle Grill Outdoor

Best Reliable
Royal Gourmet Gas Griddle Grill - Best Reliable Griddle Grill Outdoor


  • High heat generating efficiency of up to 27000 BTU
  • Highly portable
  • Reliable griddle grill
  • Piezo ignition system


  • Need extra caution due to propane tank

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Royal Gourmet Griddle Grill is the most reliable grill. It has unique features that come at an affordable price. Hence, this inexpensive griddle grill also offers some exclusive features.

Building material

The entire structure looks classical and royal. It houses a high-quality, stainless steel top surface. The stainless steel protects the grill from rusting. This way, it shields the entire grill from any damage. It is a compact structure that incorporates various exciting features for the buyer. 

Grilling surface

Royal Gourmet Griddle Grill offers 316 square inches of grilling surface. It is sufficient to serve 6 to 7 persons simultaneously. As a result, it is ideal for a small backyard or pool party. Moreover, the cooking surface is enameled with porcelain. It is an ideal material that prevents the surface from being damaged. Moreover, it ensures easy and quick cleaning. 

The cooking surface is 3.5 mm thick. It enables the heat to transfer adequately to the flat surface. Moreover, the ample surface can cook 15 patties simultaneously. 

Piezo ignition

Piezo ignition is the process that utilizes the piezoelectric effect to generate heat. This procedure involves using an electric charge to spark the heat. Royal Gourmet Griddle Grill works on a similar principle. It incorporates the piezo ignition system to ignite the fire. 

Heating efficiency

Royal Gourmet Griddle Grill has three different burners. These burners provide three different temperature zones for heating the flat surface. Additionally, each burner produces 9000 BTUs of heat. Hence, together, they can produce 27000 BTUs. Hence, the compact design helps produce sufficient heat.


Royal Gourmet Griddle Grill weighs 30 pounds. Moreover, it measures 18.1 x 18.1 x 9.1 inches. Hence, it has an ideal weight and size, making it eligible for portability. Moreover, you can clean it with a paper towel. This will prevent the deposition of any residues or dirt particles.

Best Griddle Grill Outdoor – Buyer’s Guide

Unfortunately, not every buyer has developed the analytical skills to find the required griddle grill outdoors. As a result, they need a buyer’s guide to help them choose the best.

Building material

Building material is the primary feature that a buyer must analyze. Usually, a good-quality griddle grill is made from stainless steel. This building material prevents the rusting process. Moreover, it tries to retain the grill’s shine and quality. Hence, every buyer must ensure that the building material is stainless steel.

Moreover, many grills have porcelain-coated grilling grates. It is another preferred material to preserve the grill’s performance and efficiency. 

Grilling space

If you are a buyer, try to look for a grilling space according to your need. If you want a grill in your backyard, a grilling space of 260 to 350 square inches is sufficient. However, if you want to buy it for your restaurant, look for a grilling space more significant than 500 square inches. 

Similarly, look for burners according to your need and interest. An ample grilling space should have more burners to heat the surface adequately. Therefore, ensure the grilling burners before buying them. 


Ensure that the griddle grill has sturdy supporting structures such as legs. Moreover, a buyer must look for wheels or handles that facilitate portability. This way, an efficient grill is always highly portable, displacing it from one place to another. 


This is a comprehensive overview of the best griddle grills outdoors. Consider the elements of the buyer’s review to acquire the most suitable grill according to your precise needs. Hence, you can easily choose the best one according to your need and interest. Therefore, choose wisely and look for specific features before buying any grill. 

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