Best Indoor Grill For Steaks

How To Pick Out The Best Indoor Grill For Steaks

Looking for a grill to help you relish in the deliciousness of perfectly grilled steaks? Well, look no further because we’ve prepared the perfect guide to help you choose the best indoor grill for steaks.

Temperature control

You can practically hear all the barbecue purists in the background disagreeing in disgust because no way you can mimic the flavors offered by the traditional charcoal grill.

Well, actually, now you can. Indoor grills have models that offer a wide range of temperatures. Some even go up to a staggering 650°F. 

Temperature control is crucial when it comes to grilling steaks. If the heat is too low, you risk drying out your food. And if the amount of heat is right but isn’t spread out evenly, you risk hot spots which could affect the quality of the food prepared.

Some indoor grills have a fixed range of temperature settings while others are equipped with knobs which can precisely set the temperature you require. This allows more control over how the food is cooked.

In order to enjoy the most appetizing, delicious steaks, you will want to purchase an indoor grill that can achieve a temperature of at least 500°F or higher to seal in the juices of the steak.


Steaks require high heat for searing, something that not all indoor grills can achieve. Most indoor grills range from 1,500 to 1,800 watts, which is ideal for preparing a tender, succulent piece of steak.

It is important to note that the higher the wattage, the hotter the grill will be. A higher wattage will also allow the grill to preheat faster and take less time to recover after being “checked” when cooking.

Consider the wattage of the grill you plan on buying as this wattage will translate into how hot your grill will get leading to a nice sear.

Size and Cooking Area

Are you someone that’s living in an apartment but would still like to indulge in a perfectly grilled steak? If yes, then this is a crucial consideration for you.

The availability of space will determine which model is most appropriate for you. Luckily, there are a number of compact indoor grills that allow you to grill a steak.

The cooking area is also another aspect that must be kept in mind when making a purchase. If you’re expected to entertain a larger group of people on the regular, it’s best to opt for a model with a larger cooking area as it will allow more meat to be grilled at a time.

Open or Contact Grill?

Open grills are more traditional with only one grill plate. These are more versatile and can cook a wider variety of food. They are also better at handling thicker meats.

Contact grills, on the hand, are quicker as it has two grill plates. The food sits on one of them while the other one closes on top allowing the food to cook on both sides at the same time. These, however, do well with thinner foods.

Make sure you compare both and decide on the one that best fits your preferences.

Clean up

As cooking a perfectly delectable steak is your top priority, you might want to look for an option that comes along with a drip tray, allowing all the related oil and grease to be collected in the tray. This could also minimize flare-ups. 

Non-stick surfaces are pretty useful and can save a lot of cleaning time as you won’t have to spend hours trying to scrape off the residue from grilling steak from your brand new indoor grill. Removable grills make the cleaning process much easier as they can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher, saving time.

It’s better to consider these features before making your ultimate decision as this is a chore you can’t run away from so think wisely before making a decision.

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