9 best indoor grill griddle combo in 2021 – Top grills reviewed

best indoor grill griddle combo

Craving for an effortless yet authentic manner to fancy grilled BBQ meats and parched veggies on a harsh day? Or being too slothful to avail yourself of a delicious fish and tender steaks using a grill?  Or in temper for some mouthwatering juicy steaks, yet ran out of charcoal to fire up the grill. In any event, an indoor smokeless electric grill must be your choice. 

A smokeless indoor grill griddle combo is primitive for cooking indoors providing a legitimate BBQ taste that you crave for the whole weekend. Why indoors? Because everyone does not have ample space in their backyard for a perfect and luxurious cooking maneuver. An indoor grill not only layout smokeless cooking but also saves you from the luxury of having an adequate backyard. 

The vast traditional grills are now miniaturized to compact yet handy designs for greater comfort. Utilizing the griddle combo, you can push your inner genius to the maximum and enjoy your preferred palate of grilled foods overlaying the aches and pains of preparations and ticklish smoke agitation. You free yourselves from all the uphill struggles of cleaning the mess created in due course. 

Despite all the possibilities available, plucking the finest smokeless indoor grill griddle combo maybe a stretching task. Therefore, to assist you in the chase of specifying the perfect indoor grill, we have drafted a catalog of the best indoor griddle grill combo that is in the headlines. To speed up the process, an in-depth buying guide is also written down so don’t neglect to go through that as well. 

1. Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

If you’re looking for a multipurpose cooking device for a superior grilling experience, the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler is the ideal option for you. This masterpiece is a multifunctional Griddler that can handle everything from pancakes to sausages to grilled cheese to steaks, hamburgers, and Paninis. Grilling has never been this easy!

The Cuisinart Griddler uses a 1500 watt heating element and all parts that contact food are BPA-free. You’re provided with three large dials that let you choose the grill or griddle function and each function features adjustable temperature controls. It is also accompanied by two red and green indicator lights that let you know when the Griddler has reached the desired temperature.

The griddle spans 17 inches by 13 inches by 10 inches providing a small storage profile. Since it weighs less than 10 pounds, it can easily be moved without undue burden. With its compact build, it also offers a 200 square inch cooking area to prepare your favorite meals.

As evident by its name, The Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler does more than just grill your favorite meat. Its clever design provides two cooking surfaces that can be used open or closed and make it suitable for any meal. It can be used as a contact grill, a full grill, a full griddle, half grill half griddle, and even a panini press.

If used as a contact or panini press, the smart floating hinge allows the cover to adjust itself to the thickness of any food on the cooking plate. It uses dual heating elements, one in the cover and another in the base of the grill. This helps food to cook evenly and quickly.

 It also allows the food to retain its juices and removes the need to flip foods making it ideal for thin-cut meats, burgers, and thin-cut veggies or to toast bread, and sandwiches.

In order to convert the press into a full grill, griddle, or half and half, the cover opens backward 180 degrees. This provides a second open surface with a handle resulting in a sturdy base. 

Furthermore, the Griddler is simple to use and clean up is easy with the nonstick, removable dishwasher safe plates. Also, all the grease drains into a grease tray under the cooking surface, saving you from a whole lot of mess.


  •  Compact 
  • Versatile
  • Sleek stainless steel design 
  • Easy to use


  • Might leave grease despite the grease tray

2. PowerXL Smokeless Grill 

PowerXL Smokeless Grill

The PowerXL Smokeless Grill is the kitchen appliance that can change your grilling game forever. This Grill is a smokeless indoor grill that delivers fast grilling and delicious results for steak, burgers, chicken, veggies, sandwiches, and more.

The PowerXL Grill consists of a 1200-watt heating element that preheats in about four to six minutes on high and is efficient in delivering consistent temperature across the cooking surface. The heat is evenly distributed with no irregular cold spots, ensuring your food is uniformly cooked.

It uses Turbo-Speed Smoke Extractor Technology that ensures no smoke escapes from the grill into your kitchen. It does this by sucking up the smoke and odor back into the grill by the aid of a Turbofan and the water tray present within the grill. When using the fan, the water tray should be filled with at least two cups of water before cooking. This will keep your food juicy.

Featuring a cooking area of around 140 square inches, the PowerXL Smokeless Grill can facilitate you by grilling 3-4 steaks at a time easily. The non-stick ceramic surface of the grill is perfect for searing both chicken as well as steak. As it comes with both a griddle and a grill plate, you can easily grill steaks or cook pancakes for breakfast whenever you like.

With the LED Smart Temperature Control, you can custom-control your heat level up to 450⁰F. The temperature control will allow you to cook different types of food and give you more control over your cooking. As for construction, the grill’s base is made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum making it durable.

While cooking, splashes will be inevitable depending on the type of food you’re cooking. Luckily, thanks to the grill’s design, most of the grease droplets will fall through the grate and gather in the removable tray below. Also, the unit is equipped with a tempered glass lid that will minimize splattering during cooking. It will also allow you to easily check the food’s progress without having to open the lid.

This grill is no doubt very easy to use. The cooking surface has a ceramic nonstick coating that eliminates the need for extra oil and butter before cooking. The grill plate is also removable which makes it easy to clean as you can easily toss it in the dishwasher. A large drip tray is also included that catches excess fat and grease and results in a no-mess grilling experience.


  •  Makes use of Smoke Extractor Technology 
  • Interchangeable grill and griddle plates
  • Adjustable temperature 
  • Glass Lid
  • Detachable power cord


  • No handles to carry the grill

3. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Indoor Grill and Electric Griddle Combo

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Indoor Grill and Electric Griddle Combo

Bacon enthusiasts unite! The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Indoor Grill is the ideal grill for preparing not only crispy bacon but also gives you the flexibility to make your favorite breakfast easily at home.

The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 MultiGrill offers a cooking surface of 100 square inches. This makes it ideal for smaller families and for use in apartments. Also, since the grill itself is compact, it can easily be stored in cabinets when not being used. It also makes it a great choice to take anywhere you want, be it camping, picnics, or RVs.

This versatile grill allows you to prepare fish, chicken, juicy burgers, and even panini. You can either keep it closed which will allow you to lock in flavors or open it flat. Opening it 180 degrees lets you double the cooking space and use the griddle option as well providing enough room to prepare multiple items at a time.

Another important feature of this grill is a built-in kickstand that helps drain away grease, creating less mess and crispier bacon. Also, since both the top and bottom of the cooking surface are heated, there is no need to turn the bacon. All you will need to do is place strips on the grill, close, and Voila! Perfect and crispy bacon will be ready to eat in under 10 minutes.

Furthermore, the temperature of the grill goes up to 400 degrees which is great for preparing steaks. The included indicator lights help determine the status of the grill. It also features adjustable temperature control that allows for cooking at low or high heat settings.

Lastly, this multi grill also ensures easy cleanup. The cooking surface is non-stick ensuring the food doesn’t stick to the surface. Moreover, all of the plates and trays are removable and dishwasher-friendly. This helps both save time and energy allowing for a great grilling experience.


  •  Has 3 cooking modes for grilling, griddle, and bacon 
  • Features adjustable temperature control
  • Efficient draining system
  • Indicator lights


  • Does not have an on/off switch or timer

4. MegaChef Reversible Indoor Grill

MegaChef Reversible Indoor Grill

Rain or shine, the MegaChef Reversible Indoor Grill will be your ticket to those perfect grill lines if you’re a grilling enthusiast.

This grill can be used both as a grill and a griddle. The versatility of a reversible cooking surface means you can easily grill your meats and veggies. When done, flip the grills cooking surface over and use it as a griddle for eggs, pancakes, and more. 

The MegaChef grill offers a 15″ by 11″ cooking surface on both sides of the cooking surface panel. This means that you are getting both a 15″ griddle and a 15″ grill all in one. This will prove useful when you would like to grill a variety of foods.

It is also accompanied by a removable glass lid that is included for your safety and convenience. It helps prevent particles of fat and grease from splattering. As the lid can be easily attached and removed, it can accommodate any cooking style or food.

The lid also features a closing latch which ensures that it is not opened accidentally and is securely held in place. Also, since the lid is made of glass, this will allow you to monitor the cooking process without lifting. It will also help seal in flavors and nutrients.

Weighing in under 6 pounds, this grill is designed to be lightweight and easily portable. This allows you to easily carry it from one place to another. Not only that, but the unit is also very easy to clean up after using. This is due to the nonstick surface, the removable lid and the removable temperature control. 


  •  Lightweight
  • Dual-sided grill and griddle cooking surfaces.
  • Glass Lid for protection against splattering
  • Value for money


  • A bit complicated cleaning process

5. MegaChef Dual Surface Heavy Gauge Aluminum Reversible Indoor Grill and Griddle

MegaChef Dual Surface Heavy Gauge Aluminum Reversible Indoor Grill and Griddle

Despite the weather outside, Mega Chef promises to deliver an exceptional grilling experience. So it does not matter if it’s drizzling or gleaming outside; your friends and family can enjoy tender grilled meats and vegetables. 

For an unprecedented grilling experience, Mega Chef offers its reversible indoor grill and griddle. This grill includes a non-stick removable glass lid ensuring the best cooking experience with minimum use of oil. It also guarantees easy cleaning.  The glass is removable for your own convenience. The Lid is followed by a closing latch. Once fully opened, the latch clutches the lid into a firm position preventing unwanted closing. 

It comprises three parts mainly including a functional lid with a plug-in controller. The grill is durable as aluminium is the base metal used in the composition. However, it is much lighter and easier to carry as the unit only weighs under 6 pounds. A temperature-controlled thermostat is also included in the grill. It prevents the food from overcooking and sogginess. 

The reversible grill offers a double side 15” by 11” cooking surface. So you are having a 15’’ grill and a 15’’ griddle altogether. You can easily grill meat and vegetable and by simple flipping, use the griddle for pancakes, eggs, and plenty of other things. 


  •  User friendly.
  • Cooks fast and evenly.
  • Temperature control.
  • Durable and elegant design.


  • Bulky.
  • Not dishwasher compatible. 

6. Secura Smokeless Indoor Grill 1800-Watt Electric Griddle

Secura Smokeless Indoor Grill 1800-Watt Electric Griddle

Secura Electric 2 in 1 comprises mainly a grill and a griddle. It is one of the most resourceful countertop gadgets to be added to the kitchen inventory. It can be operated indoors for making eggs and pancakes as well as outdoors for grilling purposes. A Large cooking surface ensures less cooking time. The exact dimensions of the cooking plate are 15.5” by 11.5”.

This 2 in 1 electric grill and griddle features a non-stick reversible cooking plate which is removable. One side of this plate serves as a grill side while the other as a griddle. This cooking plate is about 180 square inches and is covered by a glass lid. This glass functions as a see-through protection lid preventing oil splatters. The heat is trapped in for a long time due to this glass lid keeping the food tender and crispy. And this lid is also removable.

Heat is evenly distributed among the grill and griddle as the heating element is properly structured in the center. The adjustable thermostat is also removable. Handles and housing are cool to touch and properly insulated. An indicator light is also placed for showing heating.

Grease channels are placed in a way that they drain excessive oils and fats. These oils are collected in the dip tray situated below. Like everything else, this dip tray is also easy to remove which makes it very easy to clean. A one-year limited warranty is provided. Use the product with North American Electrical Standards, 120V 60Hz. 


  •  Cooks evenly. 
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Trouble free cleaning.
  • Uniform heat.


  • Lid is a fraction smaller than the cooking plate.

7. Electric Griddle, DEIK 2-in-1 Indoor Grill Smokeless Coated Non-Stick Pancake Griddle

Electric Griddle, DEIK 2-in-1 Indoor Grill Smokeless Coated Non-Stick Pancake Griddle

DEIK 2 in 1 has a massive 10*20 griddle cooking surface that can easily serve 4 to 6 people. The versatile grill and griddle combination serves as a cooking area. You can easily make eggs, burgers, pancakes, grilled cheese. The grill comes with a textured surface that maintains the tenderness and original flavor of the meat. 

The double grease channel and 5otilt drain feature ensure a smokeless cooking experience. The grill is also equipped with a removable drip tray that drains excessive and unwanted fats from the food. Being an electric grill, it reduces unpleasant smoke and the risk of catching fire. All in all, it is an eco-friendly grill. 

It comes with an adjustable 5 level thermostat. Cook vegetables, bacon, seafood, pancakes, steaks, and eggs at the desired temperature. You just need to plug it in and set the heat according to your taste. The large griddle surface makes it possible for keeping the whole stack warm while serving.

The compact design makes it a necessary item for a smaller kitchen. It can easily be stored in a cabinet with ample space left for other cookware. Nonstick coating guarantees easy cleaning and cooking. 

The grill is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty so you can enjoy the best and harmonious cooking experience. The material used is ETL certified and is flame-retardant. The heating system used is 1600W that sets the seal on even cooking with a constant temperature. The design is scratch resistant.  


  •  Effortless cleaning.
  • Speedy cooking.
  • Benchmark thermostat.
  • Compact design.


  • Griddle noticeably smaller in size.

8. New House Kitchen Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill, Portable Kitchen Griddle

New House Kitchen Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill, Portable Kitchen Griddle

New House Kitchen grill is perfect for any type of grilling. The inbuilt thermostat knob is what makes it easy to use. Just turn the knob and you can have scorch to snob in no time. This perfect grilling experience comes with proper grilling marks on juicy and tender meat with no harmful smoke.

You can have an exquisite indoor grilling experience regardless of waiting for a sunny day. The grill comes with all the necessary things attached so you can easily satisfy your grilling cravings. To enjoy a smokeless grilling experience, verify that the water tray is completely filled.

You can grill multiple foods (grill steak, vegetables, fish, and more) simultaneously and effortlessly. All of this is possible because of the diverse heat zones present on the cooking surface. A 1200 Watt motor and 120 volts make the grill robust and long-lasting.

With many attributes, the New House Kitchen grill is easy to clean as well. Both the water tray and grill top are removable and dishwasher friendly. The grill handles are insulated as well preventing hot touches. They are thermostat enabled meaning they involuntarily shut down as soon as the temperature exceeds the maximum point.

New House Kitchen comes with a 1-year trouble-free warranty.


  •  Smokeless
  • Comfortable wiping.
  • Shielded handles.
  • Diverse cooking experience.


  • Slow heating
  • Non-stick dip tray

9. Cuisinart Griddler Gourmet Contact Grill, Panini Press, Full Grill, Full Griddle, and Half Grill/Half Griddle

Cuisinart Griddler Gourmet Contact Grill, Panini Press, Full Grill, Full Griddle, and Half Grill/Half Griddle

Cuisinart Gourmet is a diverse griddler that comes with 5 cooking options. You can easily prepare a whole meal. With multiple options to choose from, you can easily cook juicy steaks, bacon, eggs, hamburgers, and even panini.

Contact grill (option 1) can be used to prepare hamburgers, chicken, and juicy steaks.

There is also a full grill option. It can be assembled by opening the positions of grill plates.

You can also go for a full griddle option. Similar to a full grill, it can also be assembled by opening the griddle plates. You can cook pancakes, bacon, eggs, and more.

By opening one grill and one griddle respectively, you can opt the half grill\ half griddle option.

And the furthest possibility that you can go for is the panini press. A hefty panini-style shaft with a pinned levitating lid makes a flawless Panini.


  •  Handy.
  • Straightforward controls.
  • Versatile.
  • Steady and even temperature


  • A bit flimsy build quality

Buyer’s guide to best indoor grill griddle combo 2021

Looking for an indoor grill griddle combo that fits your needs may seem like an easy job. However, due to the variety of options available in the market, it may sometimes be a struggle trying to find the best one. 

To make things easier, we devised a complete and comprehensive guide for you. Consider the following factors thoroughly if you want to purchase the best indoor grill griddle combo that serves your purpose.

Easy cleaning

Being able to clean your unit easily ensures that you have a perfect, convenient grilling experience up until the very end. The addition of certain features such as non-stick coating and removable plates allows cleaning to be a breeze.

Non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the grill or griddle which means you won’t have to spend ages trying to scrape off leftovers from your grill/griddle. As for removable plates, they can be easily washed by hand or can even be placed in the dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe.

Some models include a drip tray that collects oil and grease while cooking. If you’re someone that is health-conscious, you’ll love this feature as you can get rid of fats from your food without any hassle. 

Therefore, make sure the indoor grill griddle combo you buy comes along with these features so you can make the most of your culinary experience.

Temperature control

This is a feature that isn’t provided by all grill griddle combos. Enjoying the advantage of two cooking surfaces, it’s only natural you would want to indulge in cooking diverse foods for which a temperature control would prove vital.

Some indoor grill griddle combos have a fixed range of temperature settings while others come equipped with knobs which allow you to precisely set your desired temperature. A feature like this allows you more control over how you cook your foods.

Thus, if you would like to relish in a variety of foods like pancakes, steaks, veggies, etc all prepared by the same grill, it’s better to opt for a model that comes with temperature control options.


Be sure to consider the build quality of the unit before making the purchase as it will determine it’s durability. After investing a significant amount of money to purchase a dual grill, you would want it to last a long time. Try to look for one with an aluminum or stainless steel body as they are rust-resistant and can maintain their good looks for a longer period of time.

Also, ensure the legs are steady even on uneven terrains and the unit isn’t prone to tipping.


Most indoor grill griddle combos lie between the price range of $40 to $100. Although, there may be cheaper models available on the market. 

Therefore, if you’re on a budget but would still like to have your own grilling experience in the comfort of your kitchen, rest easy because there are options available for you as well.

What you’ll need to keep in mind is that the more features you require in your grill griddle combo, the higher the price will be.

Therefore, don’t forget to do a cost-benefit analysis before making up your mind about the model you will purchase.

Cooking Area

Even though most indoor grill griddle combos are compact, there are options available that offer a larger cooking area that can tend to more number of people at a time. Models offering up to 100 square inch surface of cooking area can grill up to 6 servings at once and are perfect for cooking your favorite foods on a Sunday evening. 

Hence, it all comes down to your personal requirements and preferences so take them into account before making a decision.