5 Best Infrared Grills To Buy in 2023 – In-Depth Review

Best Infrared Grill

Suppose you are someone who likes to party with a lot of people. And you need a grill with ample cooking space to make more food for more people. Then these grills are specifically made for you. These grills make it easy for you to cook things in a brief period. The space for cooking is also enormous and balances the temperature by itself. If you are in a hurry and want your food to be cooked quickly, you should buy this.

The burners in these grills have an emitter that converts the conventional heat into infrared heat. With this, the food is secure from foul smells and becomes tasty. They are unlike a conventional gas grill where the food is in direct contact with the flames, thus having the danger of bad smell from the food when they are exposed to heat for a long time. But in these grills, there is a transparent barrier between the food and the flames, thus giving more moisture to the food, making them tastier and water-mouthing.

It will not only reduce the timing of cooking, but you can do other works with it as well. Adjust the temperature of the grill and leave it there. It will adjust itself according to the need of the food. The space is another fantastic feature of these grills. These grills’ enormous square inches of space will help you cook many things at once.

There are pretty remarkable features and designs of the infrared grills. Following are some of the best-infrared grills you can ever find on the market. Let’s quickly jump into it and review these grills one by one.

1Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 4-BurnerChar-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 4-Burner
2Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill
3Napoleon Prestige 500Napoleon Prestige 500
4Char-Broil Signature 525Char-Broil Signature 525
5Broilmaster R3BBroilmaster R3B

1. Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 4-Burner – Best Side Burner Functionality Infrared Grill

Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 4-Burner - Best Side Burner Functionality Infrared Grill

The design is improved so much over the years. The burners, the stainless steel, the emitters, and other materials are much better quality than the older version of these grills. These designs and features make them durable and more performative. They are designed to resist rust and are very easy to clean, thus making them more durable.

These grills come with electric ignition systems. You are indeed one button away from turning on and off the ignition. There is a button at the back of these grills, and just by pushing this button, the grill starts automatically. You do not need manual work to start them like other conventional gas grills, for which you would need a unique flaming material.

The temperature in these grills is evenly distributed to the food. And the food is ready at once. There is separate storage in these grills where you can put extra material. the three burners have 450 square of cooking space while the fourth one is used for warming up the food. So they are to be the best-infrared grill with a side burner.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick to start
  • Made of quality materials
  • Durable
  • Infrared heat instead of conventional
  • Delicious food


  • The gauge which shows the temperature does not work all the time accurately.
  • Maintenance issues

2. Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill – Best Overall Infrared Grill

 Char-Broil Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill - Best Overall Infrared Grill

You would like to buy a grill that gives you more room and space for cooking. And Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill is one of them. The 250 square inches of space for cooking can adjust 12 hamburgers, 8 chicken breasts, and 6 steaks—a perfect grill for bbq.

The smaller size and wheels make them easy to carry from one place to another. Although smaller, it can cook a considerable amount of food, enough for a small family. The lightweight and the wheels make it easy to use and easy to clean. An additional warming rack is attached to these grills, which helps you warm your food and cook indirectly on it.

The grate of these grills is rust-resistant and easy to clean. You do not need to use charcoal or gas for cooking. The electric grill is enough for the cooking. Due to these reasons, they are considered the most durable grills among the infrared grills.

Additionally, the flare-up technology helps the food be more delicious and lessens the chances of food being burnt. A unique Amplifier placed in the grill creates a barrier between food and flames, thus preventing the food from draining out.


  • Wheels for carrying
  • Lightweight
  • Amplifier technology
  • Suitable for a small family
  • Lower price


  • Temperature can drop quickly
  • Short power

3. Napoleon Prestige 500 – Best SafetyGlow Control Knobs Infrared Grill

 Napoleon Prestige 500 - Best SafetyGlow Control Knobs Infrared Grill

If you are a person who likes to invite a lot of people to their party, then we would suggest you try Napoleon Prestige 500. It is one of those grills which has enormous space for cooking. There are four main burners, one rear infrared burner, and one side burner. You can do eight different styles of cooking with this grill. You do not need to worry about the quantity of food being cooked in these grills because, at one time, you can cook thirty-eight burgers. Is it not too enormous?

The design and construction of these grills are also worth noting. They are made of a special kind of material that is resistant to rust and corrosion, making them durable. So if you are planning for a more extended period, this grill is for you. The design is also unique. It comes with a particular temperature gauge warning you when you have left the grill on for longer. This feature is called safety Glow.

Additionally, a lid at the top of the grill does not allow the heat and moisture to come out, thus helping in baking cakes, cookies, and other related foods. The performance of these grills is better than most of the grills present on the market. They have an enormous capacity for cooking, the ability to pump out 18,000 BTUs, and the temperature can reach 1800F.

These are some extraordinary features you would hardly find in a grill. Following are some of the pros and cons of the Napoleon Prestige 500.


  • Side and rear infrared burners
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Exceptional performance


  • A bit expensive
  • Inner is not made of suitable materials and is not that durable compared to outside of the grills.

4. Char-Broil Signature 525 – Best Cheap Infrared Grill

 Char-Broil Signature 525 - Best Cheap Infrared Grill

It will not be a lie if you call these grills one of the biggest in space and size. They provide more than 550 square inches of cooking space for your food to be cooked. The temperature is evenly distributed to every part of the grill, thus baking the food for once. The grills have four burners with a side burner for warming the food up. The four burners have 550 inches of food space, while the warming burner has 200 square inches of extra space for warming the food.

They are made of stainless steel, making them one of the most durable grills on the market. The anti-rusting and anti-corrosion material make them last longer. They come with wheels that help carry these grills from one place to another. You can cook 25 burgers at once in these grills making them more desirable.

Mostly they are made with liquid propane, but most people do not like it. But the unique trait of these grills is that you can manually convert the liquid propane (lp) to natural gas. The natural gas conversion kit is present on the market separately. You just need to buy it and place it in the grill to convert your grill from liquid propane to natural gas.


  • Very spacious for cooking
  • Made of durable materials
  • Additional space for the warming the foods
  • Easily convert from lp to ng


  • Little expensive
  • Assembling the things of these grills can be hectic sometimes.

5. Broilmaster R3B – Best Top rated Infrared Grill

 Broilmaster R3B - Best Top rated Infrared Grill

Cooking space in a grill is the primary concern of a person. The more the space for the cooking, the better. But when there is additional space for warming, the food is much higher than those grills are considered to be the best of grills. These grills’ primary cooking space is slightly lower than other infrared grills, but the food warming space is much bigger than other cooking spaces. The space for cooking is 420 square inches, and the additional warming space is 230 square inches.

These grills have two separate burners which serve different functions and are different in design. The right one is a ceramic sear that helps you in searing the steaks. The left one functions as a finisher. They do the rest of the cooking. A temperature gauge is attached to these burners, and by pushing the button, you can turn the burners’ temperature on and off.

They are different than the other grills in the sense that the rest of the grills do not give the same amount of temperature to the burners at once. While this grill gives the exact amount of temperature to both sides’ burners, making it unique. The temperature remains constant for quite a long time. It does not deviate from the given task.

Another unique feature of these grills is that you can easily convert the infrared gas grill to the natural gas coming to your home. All you need to do is to have a conversion kit that converts the infrared gas to natural gas, making your grill more versatile and unique.


  • Vast space between burner and food
  • More spacious for warming food
  • Durable
  • Good temperature system
  • Conversion from infrared gas to natural gas


  • Expensive
  • Stand does not come with it, and you have to purchase it separately
  • No conversion kit

Choosing the best infrared grill : Buying Guide 2023

Before buying anything, you should look into different things, like the features, designs, price and performances of that thing especially when it comes to grills. You will find a lot of grills on the market but you should buy one which has the following features. 


When the distance between the food and burner is minimal, there is a high probability that your food will ruin because the flames from the burners can be very hazardous for the food. Infrared grills have the solution for that. There is a lot of distance between the food and the burners, so the flames coming out from the burners do not affect the food and make the food very reliable to eat.

The first thing a person looks at in food is its taste. And these grills are famous for their delicious and mouthwatering taste. The food remains moist when there is a distance between the food and the flames’ heat. This moisture of food and heat gives the food a delicious taste.


The space should be another concern for a buyer—the more prominent space for cooking, the better. If you are a person who likes to party with a lot of people, then a more prominent space grill would be better for you, and the infrared grill is famous for its enormous space for food. The normal range is 450 to 550 square inches of cooking space for these grills. The space depends on the size of the grills.

There is additional warming food space in these grills. It serves as an additional burner, so you can cook food on it, or warm the already cooked food, making these grills more versatile.


There are different types of sizes of these infrared grills. The sizes of these grills depend on the portability feature. If you want a portable grill, the size would probably be smaller. If you want a stand-still grill, the size would be more prominent. The larger the size, the larger the cooking of it. So you should know these things before buying any of these infrared grills.


The setup of these grills is effortless. Even a 10 years old boy can start it. The turning on and off is one button away. There is a button at those grills, and by turning it on, your grill will start ignition. They are speedy to light the ignition, unlike other grills that need manual lighting and matches for lighting. You can also adjust the temperature on your own. Set a temperature, and it will remain till the food is cooked.

So infrared grills have an effortless set-up and are very easy to use.


The British thermal unit of these grills is excellent. The BTU means the output heat to the burners; the higher the BTU, the hotter the grills would be. Unlike most charcoal or natural gas grills, these grills do not need more BTU. The infrared temperature system produces the heat without flames and distributes it among the food evenly.

Every part of the food gets the exact amount temperature, and the food is baked at once and for all. There is no need to make shuffle the food within the burners.


Among the charcoal and gas grills, infrared grills are the most durable. It is because they are made of unique stainless steel and porcelain-coated materials. These materials resist corrosion and rust, thus making them the most durable grills on the market.


The advanced technology used makes these grills very easy to use. Now you would not need to stand beside the grill to look closely at things. You just put the necessary things into the grill and start the ignition by pushing a button. The grill will do the rest of the job for you while you rest on your couch.

 These grills are made of unique materials that make them more durable and reliable. The porcelain and stainless steel materials not only make grills durable but also helps to retain the heat within the grills and distribute the heat equally to all parts of the food. 

The space of these grills varies. Some have larger spaces for cooking food, and some have more minor. It depends on you which type of grill you want. If you are a family man, smaller size and small cooking space grill are recommended. 

There are so many things that you would love about these grills, starting from their easy use to durability and affordability. They help you quickly cook your meal with a high-quality taste and smell. If you have bought a grill yet and you want to buy one, you should try this one. You would regret it once in your life.

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