10 Best Outdoor Electric Grill Reviews 2023: Buyer’s Guide

best outdoor electric grill

In the mood for some delicious seared steaks, but out of charcoal/propane to light up that traditional grill of yours? Or just lack the energy involved to prepare your meal and looking for something convenient? Well, no worries because we’ve got the answer for you. Electric grills!

Hear that? That’s the sound of Grill Masters, BBQ connoisseurs, grilling purists scoffing off in a distance. Sure, charcoal/propane grills are great and all but with the hustle-bustle of daily lives, it can be difficult hauling in fuel sources last minute when you’re craving a beautiful seared, perfectly grilled steak.

But thank heavens, we live in a time where convenience is prioritized. Due to a speedy advancement in technology in recent years came forth electric grills that mimic the flavors and grilling experience provided by a traditional grill minus the hassle and safety risk involved.

There are many reasons why these nifty electric grills are worth your money. Most of these electric grills are space-saving which allows you to adjust them easily even if you have limited backyard or patio space. Not just that, these bad boys provide a hassle-free, convenient, and healthier grilling experience. One where you don’t have to worry about accidentally lighting your backyard or yourself on fire.

However, ever since their introduction, the popularity of electric grills has been growing. Subsequently, there are numerous options available in the market which makes it confusing when picking out the best outdoor electric grill.

So how do you decide which one to buy? Finally, to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best outdoor electric grills that are sure to satisfy your grilling needs. Moreover, this is further accompanied by a buying guide to ensure that you make the right decision.

Top Best Outdoor Electric Grill Comparison Table

1Napoleon-TravelQ-PRO285E-BK-Portable-Electric-Grill-Black Napoleon TravelQ
2Weber-55020001-Q-2400-Electric-GrillWeber Q 2400
3Americana Electric Cart Grill with two folding, composite-wood side tables and wire shelf Americana Electric Cart
4george-foreman-7 George Foreman GFO3320GM
5char-broil-infraredChar-Broil 17602047
6Americana-Electric-Tabletop-Grill-with-easy-view-window-and-rotisseri-Satin-BlackAmericana Electric Tabletop Grill
7George-Foreman-15-Serving-Indoor George Foreman 15-Serving
8Americana-Lock-N-Go-Electric-Grill-Black Americana Lock 'N Go
9Charles-Oakley-Hot-Shot-Smokeless-Grill-2Charles Oakley Hot Shot
10Weber-121020-Go-Anywhere-Charcoal-GrillEasy Street Portable

1. Napoleon TravelQ – Best Portable Electric Outdoor Grill

Napoleon TravelQ - Best Portable Electric Outdoor Grill

Trusting in a reputable brand like Napoleon to accompany you in your grilling pursuits will no doubt pay off. The Napoleon TravelQ is a highly portable device that is ideal if you’re someone who would like to relish in perfectly grilled foods all the while exploring the wild.

The ergonomic design of this grill can easily catch anyone’s attention. The unit is equipped with foldable legs made of heavy-duty plastic. It also weighs just around 17 pounds, supported by an easy to carry handle. This makes this grill extremely portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever and whenever.

The premium wind deflective upper lid of this grill is constructed of aluminum. It shuts well especially when the handles come to close down for traveling. Consequently, this allows it to hold the inner air and obstruct to let in the outer air. The body, on the other hand, is mostly made of stainless steel providing protection against rust and so can last you for years.

Offering a sufficiently large grilling surface of 285 square inches, the Napoleon TravelQ is perfect for tailgating, camping, and hosting parties. Furthermore, the porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grids heat evenly and provide a non-stick surface for your food.

Equipped with a powerful 1500 watt heating element, this grill lets you reach high searing temperatures, delivering delectable, perfectly seared steaks. This stylish all-black grill consists of the iconic wave cooking grids that result in distinctive sear marks. This sets it apart from its competition.

Additionally, another praiseworthy feature is the addition of a temperature gauge. As a result, this lets you track the most accurate temperature in real-time, ultimately minimizing the guesswork involved.

Moreover, to make the overall experience even more enjoyable, this grill is embedded with features that ensure an easy cleanup. It includes a grease tray that accumulates grease, avoiding a mess. Since it is removable, it can easily be wiped clean.

Moreover, you can lock it down in place whenever you are traveling with the grill. The thermostat and burners are removable as well which allows for quick and easy cleaning. Conclusively, the grill is easy to set up which makes it a perfect tabletop grill too for any adventure.


  •  Extremely portable 
  • Large cooking area
  • Durable and sturdy construction 
  • Easy to transport
  • ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge to minimize guesswork
  • Superior warranty coverage 


  • A bit expensive 

2. Weber Q 2400 – Best Overall Outdoor Electric Grill

Weber Q 2400 - Best Overall Outdoor Electric Grill

Weber is a reputable brand in the world of BBQ, providing high quality, easy to use appliances. Likewise, the Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill raises the bar on flavor expectations and the performance of an electric grill.

Packed with a powerful 1560 watt heating element, the grill heats up quickly. Additionally, this is accompanied by infinite heat control settings that ensure your desired temperature is reached. Subsequently, this gives you more control over your cooking experience allowing you easily sear burgers, steaks, and chops; grill chicken, fish, vegetables, and even fruit.

As for construction, the body and lid of this cookware are made of heavy cast aluminum with a glass-reinforced nylon frame. This provides resistance against rust allowing your grill to last you a long time. Also, the grates of the grill are cast-iron enameled with porcelain that provides better heat retention and distribution.

The Weber Electric Grill measures 25.1 inches length, by 31.5 inches of width and is 26 inches in height. It weighs 40.4 pounds which makes it a portable as well as space-saving option. You’re provided a generous cooking area of 280 square-inch which allows you to easily cater to an average family.

Furthermore, the unit comes with a 6 foot grounded cord. This provides a safer power connection as the length is accommodating enough to reach out to the plug to the socket. The inclusion of ergonomic side handles is another great addition as they provide firm support and allow you to carry the grill with ease.

Moreover, the Weber Q 2400 is easy to clean due to the fact that the parts can be removed for cleaning. It also included a drip pan that accumulates any excess fat or grease from the food. This can also be conveniently taken out and cleaned.


  •  Portable 
  • Durable construction 
  • Comes fully assembled 
  • Easy to clean
  • Generous cooking space


  • Falls on the pricier side
  • There is no temperature gauge 

3. Americana Electric Cart – Best Versatile Electric Grill For Outdoors

Americana Electric Cart - Best Versatile Electric Grill For Outdoors

In the search for an efficient Electric Grill that can replicate the flavors produced by traditional grills? The Meco Americana Electric Cart Grill flaunts an impressive array of features that are guaranteed to take your outdoor grilling experience to the next level!

In order to prepare delicious, delectable grilled goodies, high temperatures are required. Packing in a 1,500-watt heat source, The Americana Cart Grill is able to generate appropriate temperatures needed to handle the thickest steaks and chops. 

Further, the UL and CUL-listed heating elements of this electric grill allow you to plug it into any standard household outlet saving you from the unnecessary hassle of charcoal or gas grills. Not only that but this electric grill also includes a convenient indicator light that lets you know whether your grill is on or off minimizing guesswork involved.

Offering a sufficient cooking surface area of 200 square inches, this grill has the ability to cater to any type of crowd; large or small. It is mounted on a sturdy cart equipped with large easy-rolling wheels. Subsequently, this allows for easy transportation whether you’re using the grill for tailgating for a standard backyard barbecue.

This cooking device also makes use of a specially designed reflector pan. This allows you to create smoky vapors to infuse your recipes with maximum taste. 

For additional convenience, the cart also has two handy folding side tables and a wire lower shelf built into it. Both of these are constructed of a weather-resistant wood-composite. These help you accommodate your cooking supplies right next to the grill instead of having them spread all over the place.

Additionally, the Americana Grill features temperature control for precision cooking, with a variable thermostat controller. This allows it to offer three-position cooking elements that include; creating a zone of even heat, creating a versatile zone of different temperatures, and converting to a completely vertical position for rotisserie grilling. 

Moreover, the unit includes a see-through food viewing window. This can be used to monitor the food being inside without the need to lift the cover. The inclusion of the stay-cool handle ensures your hands remain safe and away from the grilling action.

Lastly, the grill is further accompanied by a disposable grease pan. This collects excess grease and fat, allowing for an easier post clean up.


  •  Offers 3 position cooking elements
  • Integrated rotisserie
  • Folding side tables
  • Convenient design
  • Easy mobility 
  • Transparent window to view food


  • Assembling is a bit complicated
  • Preheating consumes time

4. George Foreman GFO3320GM – Best Outdoor Electric Grill For BBQ

George Foreman GFO3320GM - Best Outdoor Electric Grill For BBQ

George Foreman is a name you can certainly rely on when it comes to grilling. Specifically, the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Gun Metal Electric Grill. This is an ideal appliance for preparing succulent, delicious foods with comfort guaranteed. It can be also utilized as an indoor grill with quite an exceptional convenience.

This George Foreman Grill offers a 240 square inch grill plate for grilling your favorite foods. Depending on what you want to prepare, it should give you enough space to grill for up to 15 guests. This makes it ideal for holding family dinners or a backyard neighborhood barbecue.

The grill also features a plug-in temperature control probe with a simple dial. This allows you to adjust the heat of the grill to achieve precision cooking with a variety of foods. The temperature probe lets you choose from five heat settings to get the best results on any kind of food.

Additionally, the domed grill cover not only protects from splattering but also includes a temperature gauge that lets you effectively monitor the heat of your grill throughout the cooking process.

An additional feature of this grill that proves beneficial for health-conscious individuals is the trademark fat-removing slope. This allows excess fat and grease to drain away from your grilled favorites into the drip tray.

Likewise, it is claimed that it removes up to 42% of the fat coming from the meat. The grill is also accompanied by a removable stand, which allows it to convert from patio to countertop grill providing greater versatility.

Furthermore, the cooking surface has a non-stick coating that prevents food from getting stuck to the grill creating a mess. As a result, it is stain and fade resistant. Also, the included drip tray is dishwasher safe which allows for easier cleanup.


  •  Easy to assemble
  • Temperature gauge for heat reading
  • Patented slope design
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Tough non-stick coating
  • 3-year Warranty


  • The grill plate isn’t removable 

5. Char-Broil 17602047 – Best Cooking Space Outdoor Electric Grill

Char-Broil 17602047 - Best Cooking Space Outdoor Electric Grill

If you’re looking for a companion to accompany you on your rooftop, patio grilling adventures, this grill may be the ideal option for you. The Char-Broil Infrared Electric Bistro uses the latest Infrared technology to give you a faster, hassle-free grilling experience while being one of the best smokeless grills.

The grill offers a primary grilling area of 240 square inches. It is also accompanied by a warming rack that sits on the rear of the grill thereby increasing the total grilling area to 320 square inches. This provides ample cooking space for about 8-12 burgers.

Further, the warming rack provides a secondary cooking area that is ideal for indirect heating such as toasting buns or grilling vegetables.

The Char-Broil Grill is equipped with a TRU-InfraRed System that makes use of a combination of convection and Infrared radiation to achieve high temperatures. The infrared system also allows for even transfer of heat to the cooking grate. This ensures your food gets cooked evenly without the problem of cold or hot spots, yielding juicier foods every time.

Additionally, the grill comes with a precision dial that allows you to easily control the temperature of the grill. The included temperature gauge also proves beneficial as it reduces the guesswork involved. The 1750 watt powerful heating element also ensures even and fast heating of the food.

Not just that, this electric grill does not lack in the convenience department either. Additionally, it comes equipped with two side shelves that are durable and offer increased storage or prep space. You can even fold them down when not in use or for storage. It also includes a light ring on the bezel that illuminates when the grill surface is hot for additional safety.

Furthermore, it has porcelain-coated cast-iron grates that are easy to clean and have anti-rust qualities. It also includes an easy to reach large capacity grease tray that collects excess grease for a healthier, less messy experience. Also, there are wheels for enhanced mobility and cord management at the back of the unit making this grill easier to use.


  •  Temperature gauge for heat reading 
  • Folding side shelves
  • Produces little smoke


  • Power cord is short in length
  • Difficult cleaning process

6. Americana Electric Tabletop Grill – Best Compact Outdoor Grill

Americana Electric Tabletop Grill - Best Compact Outdoor Grill

Next up, we have the Easy Street Electric Grill considered one of the superlative tabletop grills that closely mimics the taste provided by traditional grills all the while ensuring convenience.

The Easy Street Grill features a thermostat control that is powered by a 1500-watt heating element. Likewise, this allows the grill to handle the thickest of chops easily.

The grill comes with a three-position cooking element that allows it to prepare food just the way you like it. Subsequently, this feature is responsible for providing zones of different temperatures for cooking medium, rare, and well-done food parallel. Moreover, it is further capable of creating a zone of even heat for traditional grilling and also can be converted to a fully vertical position for rotisserie grilling.

Offering 200 square inches of grilling space, this grill is suitable both as an indoor electric grill and for outdoor usage. This size is also big enough for roasting chicken for a special dinner. The rotisserie accessory is already included. This way, you are all set for both grilling and roasting.

Furthermore, the grill also features a see-through food viewing window. This helps you monitor the food being cooked without the need to lift the cover. Additionally, the stay-cool handle keeps your hands safe and away from the grilling action. The grill is also accompanied by a disposable grease pan that catches fat and grease and allows for easier cleanup.

Moreover, this electric grill makes use of a reflector pan for grilling. This helps create smoky vapors to infuse your food with a real grill flavor for maximum taste.


  •  Offers 3 position cooking elements
  • Integrated rotisserie function
  • Transparent food viewing window for easy monitoring 
  • Takes little time to heat up


  • Cleaning bit problematic

7. George Foreman 15-Serving – Best Top Rated Outdoor Electric Grill

George Foreman 15-Serving - Best Top Rated Outdoor Electric Grill

Looking for a versatile grill that fits a compact space on a tight budget without compromising on quality? In that case, the Geroge Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/ Outdoor Electric Grill is definitely worth considering.

While most outdoor charcoal grills are big enough to take on several pieces of meat in a single go. It can sometimes be difficult to find electric grills that have the ability to cater to a large crowd while maintaining quality.

The Geroge Foreman Grill takes the stage in this regard with its circular cooking surface of 240 square inches. This is generous enough to provide for neighborhood backyard barbecues or dinners on the weekend.

Packing in a 1,600-watt heating element, this electric grill has the ability to sear your steaks by reaching high temperatures. Also, since it is electric, you won’t have to go through the hassle of hauling in fuel sources like charcoal, wood, or gas. Instead, all you will need to do is plug in the switch, turn it on, and relish in your favorite grilled foods be it steak, fish, pork chops, or burgers.

One aspect where this grill outshines other competitive grills is its two-in-one function. Clear skies and perfectly sunny outside? Use the removable stand and raise it up to a reasonable height for outdoor grilling. A torrential downpour or blizzard outside? Remove the stand and use it as a mere countertop grill within the house. This feature allows you to indulge in grilled goods, no matter the weather conditions.

Additionally, the George Foreman grill offers adjustable temperature control for precise cooking. This lets you prepare a variety of meals, offering more control over the food you cook.

Further, this electric grill is also accompanied by a specially designed domed grill lid. This proves highly beneficial in terms of keeping the food safe from wind and dust. Moreover, the grill lid also keeps the oil and scraps from splashing on your countertops assisting in cleaning and efficient cooking. Lastly, creating a circular flow of hot air, the large lid further ensures that food is cooked evenly, all the way through ultimately improving the quality of food.

Moreover, the George Foreman Electric Grill aids in the preparation of healthy meals. This is because of the dint of its patented slope design which helps in separating fat from food. It has channels that draw accumulated fat or grease into a tray. It is situated just below the surface providing a cleaner cooking experience.

The grill plates also have non-stick coating making post-cleanup a breeze. Not only that but the grill plates along with the drip tray are removable and dishwasher safe resulting in added convenience.

The grill is also accompanied by a large domed lid. This gives you a lot more overhead cooking space than contact grills, so you’re not limited to steaks, burgers, and other thin foods. It also helps create a circular flow of hot air to ensure even cooking. The included grill plates are also removable which further speeds up the cleaning process and saves time.


  •  Sufficient cooking space to serve a large crowd
  • Easy cleanup
  • Removable stand
  • Offers 5 settings for temperature control
  • Easy to assemble


  • The domed lid can be difficult to adjust in the dishwasher
  • Balancing can be a problem on rough surfaces

8. Americana Lock ‘N Go – Best Cheap Outdoor Electric Grill

Americana Lock 'N Go - Best Cheap Outdoor Electric Grill

The Easy Street Lock ‘N Go Electric grill is a versatile appliance that allows you to easily prepare your favorite meals on the go.

The grill measures 20 inches long by 21 inches wide by 16 inches tall. This makes it big enough to cater to different grilling needs yet compact enough to not take up a lot of space. You’re provided with 176 square inches of cooking space which is a little below average and may not suitable for catering to a larger crowd.

This Hamilton Grill comes packed with a 1500-watt heating element that lets you preheat your grill faster, minimizing the waiting time involved. It also includes a simple dial temperature knob. This allows you to achieve temperatures ranging from 200F to 500F letting you cook a wide variety of foods.

With its interlocking hood and bowl, this grill can be the ideal travel buddy. The double hood helps absorb flavors into the food and has two vents to allow for better draft and temperature control. You can also place woodchips or planks at the bottom for an authentic smokey flavor. Another beneficial feature is that it is UL and CUL listed and can easily plug into any standard household outlet.

The lid and plate are constructed from stainless steel ensuring a durable build. The exterior is coated with a high-temperature powder paint that is available in three colors; black, red, and green. The unit is also accompanied by a wooden-handled top lid that helps provide a safer cooking experience by keeping your fingers from burning. 

Furthermore, the reflector pan and the grill grate are dishwasher safe to help make the post clean up process easier. The grill is also accompanied by a heavy-duty, pedestal base that adds to its strength and durability.


  •  Portable 
  • Lid locks to base for easier transport 
  • Stay-cool wooden handle
  • Heat resistant paint
  • 1-year warranty


  • Limited cooking area

9. Charles Oakley Hot Shot – Best Outdoor Smokeless Electric Grill 

Charles Oakley Hot Shot - Best Outdoor Smokeless Electric Grill

Designed for effortless grilling, the Hot Shot Grill is a professional-quality grill, endorsed by NBA basketball legend Charles Oakley himself, that lets you enjoy grilled steaks, ribs, pork barbecue, and burgers all year-round. This electric smokeless grill creates your outdoor BBQ recipes with the same taste, flavor & authentic char-grilled texture, and grill marks as any traditional grill.

The Hot Shot Grill offers dual cooking surfaces, providing versatility in the foods you can prepare. The product comes with a grill plate as well as a griddle combo. You can turn this smokeless grill into an electric skillet in seconds by replacing the Grill Plate with the Griddle Plate.

In the mood for pancakes, eggs, and bacon? Just pop in the griddle and prepare yourself the perfect breakfast. By dinner time, the griddle plates can be switched with the grill grates and grill a beautifully seared steak with your desired vegetables. You can even grill fruit!

Backed by a powerful 1200-watt heating element, the Hot Shot Electric Grill makes use of Advanced Airflow Technology and a state-of-the-art smoke-capture fan. Consequently, this virtually reduces all hot smoke arising during grilling ultimately, improving cooking efficiency.

The grill sucks up smoke and odor utilizing a smoke recycling system. Smoke fan captures and extracts smoke preventing its leakage to the environment. Consequently, this is the reason why it is also included in the list of best smokeless grills.

Additionally, this grill also offers the luxury of temperature control. Employing a digital LED Smart Temperature Control, it lets you adjust the temperature from 220° F to 450° F with just the push of a button.

There are six settings available to choose from that allow you to regulate the temperature by pressing the up/down arrows. The heating system is quite effective in distributing evenly heat for perfect grilling without any hot spots.

Offering a cooking surface area of 13.75″ by 8″ inches, it can easily take up to 4 large steaks making it ideal for a small family.

All you will need to do is hook it up to a power source and start grilling up your favorite foods. Also, the grill features a tempered glass lid that makes it easier to check the progress of the food and limits splatter.

Furthermore, the Hot Shot Grill does not lack in the cleaning department either. With the inclusion of a drip tray, designed to catch any excess fats or grease, it allows for easy cleanup.

The grill grates have a non-stick coating to ensure no residue is left behind after grilling. Since the grill has removable parts that are dishwasher safe, rest assured, there won’t be any need to spend hours soaking and scrubbing.

Moreover, the restaurant-grade quality provided by this grill ensures that even after repeated use, the nonstick surface distributes heat evenly for food that is cooked right through.


  •  Adjustable temperature 
  • Uses advanced airflow technology to reduce smoke
  • Interchangeable grilling plates
  • Accompanied by a glass lid
  • Sufficient grilling area


  • Not completely smokeless
  • Not budget friendly

10. Easy Street Portable – Best Tabletop Outdoor Electric Grill

Easy Street Portable - Best Tabletop Outdoor Electric Grill

Lastly, we have another Easy Street grill by Meco. Wrapped in a satin black metallic finish, Easy Street Portable Utility Electric Grill is a great option for those looking for an efficient yet enjoyable tabletop grilling experience.

Packed with a 1500-watt heating element, this easy street grill allows you to preheat your grill faster. The inclusion of thermostatic control allows for precise temperature control and pro grilling results.

With this grill, you can easily sear and grill your favorite meats, seafood, and vegetables. 

The grill is compact measuring 24.5 inches long by 15 inches wide by 13 inches tall. You can conveniently adjust anywhere in your backyard, patio, or rooftop. Offering a decent cooking surface area of 164 square inches, this grill is ideal for serving a small family.

The unit comes with a handled lid that prevents your food from getting dry or cold all the while locking in all the juices and flavor of the meat. Additionally, The safe, UL and CUL-listed heating element of this electric grill allows you to plug it into any standard household outlet.

Furthermore, the cooking grids are nonstick that ensures you don’t have to spend hours trying to scrape off the residue while grilling steak from your grill. Also, the grill has a handy grease cup set on the back of the pedestal base to catch excess grease and fat for an easier clean.


  •  Sturdy build 
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Three heating options
  • Easy to use
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Produces little smoke


  • The length of the power cord runs a bit short
  • Can be a bit challenging to assemble

Buying guide: How To Look For The Best Outdoor Electric Grill In 2023

With plenty of options available to choose from, it can sometimes be excruciating trying to pick out the best one to complement your needs. Certain features simplify or enhance your culinary experience. 

There are several features you should look out for depending on your aesthetic tastes, cooking preferences, capacity needs, and demand for easy cleanup. We came up with the ultimate buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision. Here are some things to keep in mind.


Wattage can vary largely from one model to another, but most outdoor electric grills have an output between 1,200 and 2,000 watts. Models consuming less power tend to be more cost-effective. 

However, to beautifully sear your meats and duplicate the tastes offered by a sear grill, invest in a grill with a high wattage.

Most outdoor electric grills range from 1,500 to 1,800 watts, which is ideal for preparing a tender, succulent stack of hamburger patties, steak, or grilled fish. Therefore, assess your cooking needs before making a decision.

Grill Size and Cooking Area

An important factor to consider is how much storage space you have available in your back yard or even your balcony and the number of people you will be catering to on the regular. There are larger options available for those who love to host parties. 

These also come with more cooking area increasing your capacity, allowing you to serve more people at a time. Large outdoor electric grills have cooking surfaces over 240 square inches and are ideal for large groups of 12 people or more. These are perfect for hosting your 4th of July parties or tailgating.

However, there are smaller models available for all you outdoors grilling enthusiasts that have limited space. Smaller outdoor electric grills have a cooking surface under 200 square inches, ideal for groups of 6 to 8 individuals. So, it all comes down to your personal preferences and needs.

Temperature and Heat control options 

Most electric grills equip with knobs allow you to set the desire temperatures with your electric grill. This ensures more control over your cooking allowing for greater versatility in the foods you make. 

Most models have temperatures ranging from 350°F up to a staggering 650°F, although the best outdoor electric grills exceed even the 650°F searing threshold. Invest in a grill capable of reaching at least 650°F, which allows for searing of burgers and steaks.

Power Cord Length

What is the point of spending a significant amount of money if you have to run around every time looking for an electrical outlet or extension to plug in your grill? This feature is something most buyers overlook when purchasing an electric outdoor grill.

It’s vital that the model you purchase comes with an adequate cord length for you to work comfortably. As the use of an extension may cause safety concerns and may deliver lower amounts of power. Thus, be sure to consider the cord length before finalizing a model.

Non-stick surfaces

One of the biggest selling points for electric grills is how convenient they are to use. Look for electric grills that have grates that do not allow food to stick. This reduces your waiting time and also results in a far easier cleanup process.

Final Thoughts 

In the fast-paced, modern world of today, only true barbecue purists are diligent and laborious enough to sacrifice the luxury of time, trying to get a charcoal or gas grill fired up in order to enjoy a perfectly seared, juicy piece of steak.

The rest of us, well, we’re just slaves to time and like things fast and easy which is becoming the grounds for the recent rise in popularity of outdoor electric grills. Buying a worthwhile outdoor grill is a matter of rigor as it involves a considerable investment. If you are looking for a reliable electric outdoor grill, it is important to consider a variety of factors.

Our buying guide and top ten product recommendations are designed to help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect outdoor grill to meet your needs; one that’s built tough, powerful, and designed to last. All the products mentioned above have proven to be the best of the best. Therefore, rest assured, you should have no trouble finding a great model in our lineup.

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