5 Best Rotisserie Charcoal Grills in 2023 | Buyer’s Guide

Best Rotisserie Charcoal Grill

Do you ever want to enjoy an even and perfectly cooked meat without the hassle of rotating the rod over flames? Or do you want to sharpen your grilling skills and prepare equally cooked juicy chicken or turkey? Rotisserie grills have made barbecue easy for a lot of people. These grills help baste the food inside-out in no time. 

Rotisserie cooking allows even heat to spread over the food, which allows slow and balanced grilling. Significant cuts of meat from 5-7 pounds are ideal for basting on this form of a grill. People have started using rotisserie grills to get professional-style roasting at home. 

The rotisserie grills ensure that you use the full benefits of direct grilling techniques without causing any flare-ups from the drippings. Rotisserie grills rotate at an average speed of 3-6 RPM. The irresistible food from the grill is crip from the outside and juicy from the inside. These rotisserie grills work best on charcoal or natural gas and come in various designs and shapes.

With several rotisserie grill options in the market containing different specifications. It may be an arduous task to choose the best option among all of them. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of the best rotisserie grills. This list follows a buying guide that contains all the essential information you might require to help make a well-informed purchase decision. 

1DCS BH1-30R-L Traditional Grill with RotisserieDCS BH1-30R-L
2Monument Grills Larger 4-Burner Propane Gas Grills Stainless Steel Cabinet Style with Rotisserie KitMonument Grills
3Weber Genesis IIWeber Genesis II
4Char-broil Universal Char-broil Universal
5Broil King Regal S590Broil King Regal S590

1. DCS BH1-30R-L – Best Top Rated Built-in propane rotisserie Charcoal Grill

DCS BH1-30R-L - Best Top Rated Built-in propane rotisserie Charcoal Grill

If you are looking for an efficient, premium quality, and long-lasting rotisserie grill, you have to look no further. the DCS BH1-30R-L Built-in Traditional Grill with Rotisserie benefits you with a high-grade built and high-performing burner system.

304 Stainless Steel Built 

This Rotisserie grill is built with 304 stainless steel, which provides corrosion resistance and anti-wear and tear. The cooking grates are also made up of double-sided stainless steel. One side of the cooking grates is made for delicate food items, while the other W-shaped side is for creating sear lines on the food.

This grill has an entire layer of ceramic rods in between burners and cooking grates. These ceramic rods help in consistent grilling experience and even heat provision. This grill can work on a natural gas source, charcoal, or Liquid propane as per your requirement. 

Main Burners and Rotisserie Burner 

The grills contain burners made of stainless steel. The burners are U-shaped and provide precise heating technology. The two main burners provide an individual output of 25,000 BTUs, which is ideal for high-grade grilling. The burners also have a heat shield which helps direct the heat upward for maximum heat provision. Burner is infra-red and provides a maximum output of 14,000 BTUs, which is perfect for controlled searing. 

It’s burner is operated by a heavy-duty 120 Volts motor, helping the rotisserie movement efficiently. The Rotisserie grill has a stainless steel made rod with an adjustable fork. This grill has a 50 Lb capacity. 

Grease Control System and Halogen Grill light 

The In-Built Grease Control system helps not let the grease or oil drips reach the burners. The grease tray catches any residual dripping and keeps away from unusual fires. This Grease tray makes cleaning much more manageable. This rotisserie grill also contains a 40 Watts weather-resistant grill light, which helps with careful grilling.

The DCS BH1-30R-L Built-in Traditional Grill with Rotisserie comes with a 4-year warranty.


  •  Durable 
  • 120 V rotisserie motor
  • Versatile  
  • High-performing rotisserie system 
  • Halogen Light 
  • Sleek design 
  • Grease control system 
  • Even heat distribution 
  • 4-year warranty 


  • Heavy to carry 
  • Expensive 
  • Hard to assemble

2. Monument Grills – Best Easy To Assemble Rotisserie Charcoal Grill

Monument Grills - Best Versatile Grill - Best Easy To Assemble Rotisserie Charcoal Grill

If you have a durable, large, easy-to-use, and convenient Rotisserie grill in your mind, then Monuments grills Stainless steel propane Rotisserie is the one for you. This grill consists of high-grade burners, a big cooking area, and an intelligent rotisserie system for your grilling experience. 


This grill consists of four main stainless steel high-performing burners made up of 304 stainless steel, which provide rust resistance. These burners give a total output of 60,000 BTUs. The rotisserie kit consists of the motor, a 12,000BTUs side burner, and 34 inches rod with two forks. 

This rotisserie kit has an L-shaped mount and an additional turkey grilling option. This grill’s cooking grates are cast-iron coated with porcelain, designed to retain heat and even heat distribution. 

Built and Cooking space 

This rotisserie grill comprises high-grade 304 casts stainless steel, which has rust and corrosion resistance. This grill has a framework designed to last for a long time. The grill comprises 723 square inches of total cooking space, enough space to grill a big meal.

The cooking space is further divided into a primary cooking area of  513 square inches and a warming rack of 210 square inches. 

Ignition option and Grease Control system

This grill contains push to start electric button for ignition. The grill also has a drip tray to control grease from dripping or leaking to the burners to avoid fires. The grease tray is removable, which is convenient for cleaning.

The grill also contains backlit LED control knobs, which help grill at night. The fuel source for this rotisserie grill can be a Liquid propane tank or natural gas.

The Monuments grill stainless steel propane rotisserie comes with an excellent 8-year warranty. 


  •  Durable built 
  • Rust resistant 
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Huge cooking area
  • High-performing rotisserie burner 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Great heat output 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • 8-year warranty 


  • Conventional design 
  • Heavy to carry 
  • Low moisture resistance

3. Weber Genesis II – Best BBQ Rotisserie Charcoal Grill

Weber Genesis II - Best BBQ Rotisserie Charcoal Grill

If you have a high-efficiency barbeque grill in your mind, then the Weber Genesis II E-335 3-burner liquid propane grill is a great option. This grill has excellent heat retention and provides one of the best barbeque options available in the market. 

Exterior built 

The Weber Genesis II E-335 has a framework of 304 casts stainless steel. This stainless steel has high corrosion resistance and moisture retention. The grill requires no assembly and can be used outdoors for barbecues and grilling.

The burners are made of stainless steel, and cooking grates are made of cast iron with porcelain enamel. The porcelain enamel aids in heat retention and even heat distribution. The grill’s lid is also porcelain-enameled, which has heat-resistant properties. 

High-efficiency grilling system 

This grill is equipped with a GS4 grilling system with 3 burners. The 2 main burners provide high heat for all types of food. There is also a sear station on this grill for high-temperature foods and to create sear marks on the meat. 

This grill has a side burner convenient for sautè or simmering vegetables or delicate foods. The Weber Genesis E-335 liquid propane grill has a warming rack to keep food warm or to toast buns when required. 

iGrill 3 technology 

The grill has an intelligent iGrill 3 technology installed. This iGrill 3 app controls the built-in thermometer in the grill to gauge and adjust temperatures. This app also helps to turn on and off the grill from your phone. The side tables of this grill can be used for serving or to keep the cooking equipment close. 

The grill also has hooks for easy access to utensils. The fuel used for this grill can be a Liquid propane tank, charcoal, or natural gas.  The Weber Genesis II E-335 3-burner liquid propane grill has an outstanding 10-year all-repair included warranty. 


  • Strong built 
  • Attractive design 
  • High-quality material 
  • GS4 grilling system 
  • iGrill 3 Technology 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Even heat output 
  • 10-year warranty 


  • Expensive 
  • Very heavy to carry and install
  • Hard to assemble 
  • No proper air ventilation system 
  • Non-electric 

4. Char-broil Universal – Best Cheap Rotisserie Charcoal Grill

Char-broil Universal - Best Cheap Rotisserie Charcoal Grill

If you have a lightweight, excellent quality, and affordable rotisserie on your mind, then the Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie is a versatile option. This grill is not only lightweight but also has high functionality. 

Rotisserie rod 

The Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie consists of a single stainless steel spit rod. This rod is rotated with the help of a robust and durable electric motor. This motor reduces physical work and aids the movement of the roast with ease. This allows easy and even roasting or cooking. This rod has an optimum length to ensure ample grilling space for convenience. 

This rod has two forks attached which are four-pronged which helps keep the chicken or poultry in place and easy to rotate. 

Universal design 

This rotisserie has a universal design that fits on 2 to 6 burner grills. This rotisserie has brackets that are made to fit on the grill of any brand. The rotisserie’s design makes it versatile to use as leading grilling equipment or as a side rotisserie for grilling purposes. 

This grill helps cook chicken and fish to perfection. The even heat provision makes this an outclass rotisserie for outdoor use.

Easy functionality 

The Char-Broil Universal Rotisserie is easy to use as it fits on every type of grilling burner. This rotisserie is easy to assemble and provides a quick and efficient roasting experience. This is easy to carry around, weighing only 3.45 pounds. It is easy to install whenever you want. The rotisserie rod has a coating that helps retain high heat and has corrosion-resistant properties. This Char-Broil Universal grill comes with a 1-year warranty. 


  • Long-lasting 
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Portable 
  • Easy to clean 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • The stand is a bit shaky 
  • The rod can crack on searing or high temperature

5. Broil King Regal S590 – Best Overall Rotisserie Charcoal Grill

 Broil King Regal S590 - Best Overall Rotisserie Charcoal Grill

If you are searching for a durable, high-performance, and convenient rotisserie grill, then the Broil King Regal S590 is an excellent option. This rotisserie grill has high-functioning burners which help sear and roast at optimum temperatures to prepare a well-balanced meal. 

High performing burners

The Broil King Regal S590 Grill has patented 304 cast stainless steel tube burners. The main burner gives an output of 55,000 BUTs. In addition, there is a side burner for vegetables and delicate food items, giving an output of 10,000 BTUs. The rotisserie burner is on the rear end, which provides a maximum output of 15,000 BTUs. 

This is great for high heat grilling. The cooking grates of this rotisserie grill are 56% heavier than used in standard grills. This weight enhancement improves heat retention and helps create excellent sear marks. 

Flav-R Wave Stainless Steel system 

The Broil King S590 is equipped with a Flav-R Wave Grilling system. This system is created to ensure the burner is secured from ignition caused by any drippings of oil or grease from the food. The durable stainless steel built favors the grilling system against high temperatures.

This grilling system aids even heat distribution in the cooking area. This grilling system generates exceptionally high temperatures, which evaporate any liquid that falls from the food on the burner. 

LED light control knobs 

This rotisserie grill consists of LED-lit control knobs mounted on the front. These LED light control knobs help you navigate heat adjustments at night time. These control knobs also give a modern look to the grill.

The grill also contains 625 square inches of primary cooking area, which is terrific for a large-scale barbecue. For fuel, a liquid propane tank, charcoal, and natural gas can be used to power up this rotisserie grill. The Broil King Regal S590 has an incredible 10-year warranty.


  •  Versatile design 
  • Patented stainless steel framework 
  • Sturdy built 
  • Flav-R Wave Stainless Steel system 
  • LED-lit control knobs 
  • Grease management system 
  • 10-year warranty


  • Expensive 
  • Heavy to carry and install
  • Not very stable
  • Non-electric

What makes the best Rotisserie Charcoal grill? Buyer’s guide 2023 

Rotisserie charcoal grills are in use by a lot of people nowadays. These grills aid in preparing delicious chicken and turkey roasts in no time.

We have prepared a guide containing all the information you need to know before getting yourself the best Rotisserie charcoal grill. Some essential features to keep in mind are as follows. 

Rotisserie area 

A great rotisserie area has a complete rotisserie kit installed. This kit includes a high-efficiency burner, spit rod with forks, and an electric motor for its rotation. The rotisserie grill should offer an even heat for perfect roasts. This area should have a control knob for the burner to adjust the heat.


A high-quality rotisserie charcoal grill should be made of high-grade materials. These materials could be 304 cast stainless steel, cast iron, or alloy steel. Excellent quality stainless steel ensures the longevity and durability of the grill. This stainless steel provides high heat and moisture retention. 

If low-quality material is used for a rotisserie grill then it will get affected by rust and weather very easily. Low-grade stainless steel warps and cracks with time. This material will not be cost-effective. 


A good-quality rotisserie grill should be light enough to install and move around quickly. Its light weight helps in traveling and outdoor barbecues. High-quality rotisserie grills don’t have heavy parts which are inconvenient to assemble. Even weight distribution for outdoor stability is vital for a grill. 

If the rotisserie grill is heavy it becomes inconvenient to assemble and use. A heavy-weight rotisserie grill is not portable and cost-effective thus losing functionality. 


An essential component of a rotisserie charcoal grill is easy to assemble. There should be no hassle in installing and working the grill. Another thing to ensure is that the Rotisserie grill is assembled with continuous welding. This continuous welding makes it sturdy and provides balance and longevity. 

Fuel efficiency 

A key feature to remember is that a high-quality rotisserie grill will help consume less fuel. The grill has continuous welding, which ensures no fuel leakage or wastage. The grill should be made to be cost-effective and not burn excess charcoal or gas. 

Safety Features

A premium rotisserie grill should have all the critical safety features in check. These safety features include a grease management system, proper air ventilation, a safety lock for the lid, etc. The grease management helps to prevent any droppings from the food reach the burners and catching fire. 

Proper air ventilation does now allow the cooking surface to get smoked up and affects the person using the grill to inhale and choke on the smoke.  These features help ensure the grill’s workability and user safety, which is of prime importance. 


Rotisserie charcoal grills are game-changers in preparing perfectly grilled chicken and turkey roasts. People gravitate toward rotisserie grills because of their easy-to-use equipment and time efficiency. These grills reduce physical exertion and help to make delicious roasts for large-scale barbecues. 

The list of best rotisserie grills mentioned above consists of grills that are optimized for perfectly grilled and time-efficient meals. Some of these grills have a GS4 grilling system installed, while others have innovative technology for a convenient grilling experience.

 We hope that this review will provide you with all the necessary information you need before choosing the best rotisserie grill for you. Make sure to read through all the details before making your buying decision. 

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