How does the pellet grill work?

How does the pellet grill work?

A person yearns to have a Sunday eve in the backyard, cooking with a group of friends, and in a soothing environment. Grilling is the most common activity on holidays. People love to cook and grill in an open space. It kind of relaxes their minds and souls. They cook under the chilling moonlight and in a cheerful environment. Hence, grilling earns people’s happiness at family and friends’ gatherings.

Grilling is cooking your meal using either an ignited charcoal or electric grill. It gives the flavor of smoke immersed in juicy food. Grilling probably needs some practice and precautions. Not everyone is a grill chef. You need to learn some basic skills of grilling the food on charcoal. It also requires some considerable preventive measures. Various types of grills are available in the market. Among them, the most notable is the pellet grill.

A pellet grill

It is a new grilling technique for most people. They are outdoor grill that uses wood compressed into pellet as the heating source. It is a combination of oven, charcoal, and gas grilling system. It carries multiple functions, including roasting, baking, and searing. In a nutshell, it is a mixture of conventional forms of grilling.

Functioning of a pellet grill

One has to insert food-grade wood pellets inside it for its functioning. It induces heat and smoke to grill your food and gives it a unique flavor. Following are some significant steps for its proper functioning;

  • By the influence of gravity, wood pellets go to the auger smoke by passing through the hopper.
  • Pellets then rotate and move toward the burn pot. The Hot rods are responsible for burning these pellets. Hot Rods are like electric starters that start the combustion process. It stops working once the fire is started. 
  • A particular fan system is present to increase and intensify the flame by its blow.
  • A heat plate is present inside the system. It deflects the heat and smoke for homogeneous heat.
  • The drip plates channel the heat and smoke toward the food.
  • Residues are collected in removable greasy trays and discarded through the management system. 

The only means of heat production within a pellet is burning wood. The electronic system only regulates and controls the flow of the heat. The quality of the pellet matters a lot. When the wood absorbs water, then it becomes unfit for burning. Therefore, only find fresh pellets for the burning process.

Temperature regulation by a pellet grill

A pellet grill has an electronic control system that controls the flow and intensity of the heat. A pellet grill listens and commands by using this electronic control panel. It functions to evaluate the temperature of the cook box probe. Then make decisions by regulating fan speed and auger.  The controller instructs the Hot Rod to ignite the pellet and then stops burning at the end of the cycle. It also controls the fan’s speed to control the heat and combustion process. The fan speed can increase or decrease the rate of combustion.

The controller instructs the auger to send more fuel to the burn pot when the output decreases. More pellets will give rise to more heat production. They ultimately increase the output. In this way, the Master Control Unit control and maintain a specific temperature required for cooking. 


A pellet grill is a valuable piece of equipment that employs both the fuel and electric supply for burning. It is an amalgam of an oven and a conventional charcoal burner that requires wood as a fuel for burning. Auger carries the pellet to the burning pot. Here, Hot Rods do their job of burning it. Its electrical panel controls the heat’s flow, direction, and intensity. Hence, it produces a controlled fire. Therefore, a pellet grill has both manual and electrical dual-mode for better working.

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