How far should the grill be from home? 

How far should the grill be from home?

A built-in grill for your house is a relief as you can grill your food anytime you want. It provides you an opportunity to BBQ with your friends and family. However, one would get plunged into contemplation when the question arises about its placement. 

A grill setup is where one could cook food on ignited charcoal or an electric grill. However, one could search for an ideal location for its placement. A grill should neither be so far nor too close to the home. 

How far should the grill be placed? 

People generally place a built-in grill in their backyard so that they can approach it anytime. This outdoor setting provides an excellent opportunity to cook and enjoy a meal with your close ones. Whether a standalone or built-in grill, it should be placed far away from the house. 

Where there is heat, there is a fire. There is a high likelihood that the grill might catch fire, which could be lethal for the people around. The built-in grill is immovable; hence, decide its placement before installing it. According to the safety commission, there should be a 10 feet gap between the residence and the grill. The grill operates using various non-renewable resources, including coal, gas, charcoal, and petrol. Hence, it requires spacing to prevent any spread of fire. 

Suppose a person does not have enough space to comply with this regulation. Then he could have a 3 feet distance between the grill and his house. 

Determining the exact location 

There are three ways by which you can determine the appropriate distance for grill placement. 

  • Government’s building code

Every country has a distinct set of regulations that instructs citizens regarding grill placement. These building codes set the boundary limit related to grill placement. 

  • Insurance company

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will determine the exact distance a person should place the grill. It gives the direction about the grill placement far enough from the household. These preventive guidelines will save the house from pre-emptive damage.

  • Manufacturing company

Every grill manufacturing company gives its customers guidelines related to grill adjustment. These guidelines also include the appropriate location of the grill. This specific information also consists of the height of the overhang above the grill. For instance, if the overhang is made of wood or any other highly flammable substances, then this must be hung at a certain height. 

Significance of keeping it at a distance

It is safe to place a grill at a specific distance from the house to increase the circulation of air. The length will provide adequate space to prevent the build-up of any hazardous gas such as carbon monoxide. These gases which pile up are highly flammable and can catch fire easily. 

A particular distance will also prevent smoke from affecting people. The smoke needs sufficient space for its dissipation. Otherwise, it will irritate you due to its pungent smell. Furthermore, the heat from the grill will melt certain materials used in house construction. For instance, vinyl siding can reform quickly by heat. Emission of heat from the grill can lose the sidings. These disruptions can cause severe damage to the house or building close to the grill.

Insert fire-retardant materials in the area surrounding the grill—for instance, use materials such as concrete, bricks, stainless steel sheets, etc. 


The grill should be a minimum of 3 feet away from the house or any other residential place. The placement of the grill is the most frequently asked question. One can seek its answer from either the building code or grill company guidelines. The grill must have sufficient space to allow proper ventilation and dissipation of smoke. Further, keeping it at a distance also ensures the safety of people. Therefore, a grill should be placed at some distance from the house to prevent damage. 

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