How long to preheat the charcoal grill?

How long does to heat the charcoal grill?

People all around the world treat themselves with a broad range of interests. Their interests vary from person to person or place to place. Some people have interests in baking, painting, construction, etc. Likewise, most find their interest in grilling. Grilling is considered an art of cooking food on an ignited charcoal or electric furnace. However, it is not a simple technique requiring considerable skills and expertise. 

Grilling takes most of its essence from the smoked aroma of the charcoal. The taste and flavor which burning charcoal imparts on the food is the essential ingredient of grilled food. Many restaurants offer open grilling to serve the appetite of their customers. Moreover, many have arranged to grill in their backyard for an impromptu grilling. Some placed the ignited charcoal under the grilling tray. At the same time, others find it more convenient to use an electric grilling device. However, both techniques require some guidelines for proper functioning.

Building a perfect fire

Igniting the charcoal is far more crucial than cooking on them. If the charcoal does not require optimum temperature, it will fail to provide any texture, aroma, and flavor to the food. Moreover, the charcoal must not be damped as it will not burn properly and fail to provide adequate heat for cooking. Therefore, it is necessary to build a perfect fire for cooking. Here are some steps to ensure an ideal temperature for grilling:

Suitable charcoal for burning

Charcoal is the main burning ingredient in grilling. Therefore, find good charcoal which is not damp and moist. Charcoal briquettes are pretty inexpensive for burning. Hence, find those lumps of charcoal for burning. Always ensure the quality before buying as it could produce inconsistent heat that does not deliver the aroma of grilling. 

Initiate the fire

When you have gathered charcoal suitable for burning, ignite it using either the lighter or chimney starter. The chimney starter is a more reliable way of burning the fire. Fill the bottom of the fire rack with crumpled newspaper. Now pour charcoal into the chimney starter and fill it according to its capacity. Placed it under the grill by removing the grilling grate. Take a matchbox and ignite the charcoal. 

Igniting the charcoal with lighter fluid is not a reliable technique. It can add bar aroma and taste to your grilled food. Hence, you should avoid using it. 

Preheating the charcoal grill

Like a microwave oven, a charcoal grill also requires preheating. Heat the charcoal in the chimney starter until it turns grey. When the charcoal has attained a suitable temperature, pour it into the cooking chamber. Preheat it for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, the charcoal grill must be heated for 15 minutes to acquire a better taste. Moreover, when you preheat the charcoal grill, it eliminates the residues from the previous grilling. 

Use chimney starter

Sometimes, the food remains dry even by employing all expert techniques. The primary reason is grilling without preheating the charcoal. Placing the food directly over improperly burnt charcoal will extract its tenderness. Moreover, the smoked aroma is also lost when the charcoal is improperly burnt. Therefore, before pouring charcoal directly into the grill, use a chimney starter to ignite the charcoal. 


A person cannot become an expert in grilling by having a one-day training session. You should learn all the techniques and guidelines to become an expert in grilling. Grilling require pre-planning to cook the food tender and soft. The most important pre-planning is preheating the charcoal grill for 15 minutes. Preheating imparts excellent flavor to the food. Moreover, it does not make your food dry with contracted muscle fibres.