How to become a grill master?

how to become a grill master?
how to become a grill master

Nowadays, grilling is not only done by professionals and experts. Many people are adopting it as a source of refreshment and rejoice. Grilling is a technique that uses ignited charcoal under the grilling grate. The food becomes tender and juicy while cooking over the grilling grate. However, grilling requires expert advice and professional expertise to become a grill master. A grill master must know the specifications of the grill he is using. Moreover, he should be well aware of the cooking temperature and techniques to ignite the charcoal.

To Master the art of grilling, one must have specific tools and skills to become proficient. Grilling is technical work that demands professional expertise and effort. A professionalist must know all the grilling techniques that could make him a grill master. 

Mastering the art of grilling

Here are some tips and tricks to becoming a grill master.

  • Have the right tools and equipment

Getting the right tools will make your job relatively easy. It provides a faster way to get your food done on the grill. Choose appropriate means that could aid in the grilling process. You need a variety of instruments, for instance, a tong to flip the meat on the grill. It provides a gentle force and will not make holes in it. Other low-quality tools will shatter the grilled food into pieces. Do not use inappropriate gadgets while cooking. Use equipment that will yield optimum results. 

Many professionalists believe that a perforated grill plate is optimum for grilling fish and vegetables. On the other hand, a griddle plate best serves cooking pancakes and eggs. To get a convenient workplace, add more shelves to accommodate vital equipment close to you. Further, for sauteing, also adjust a side burner in the workplace. 

Moreover, some vegetables are so small that they slip through the grill into the fire. Therefore, use grill clips to keep the grill items in their places to avoid that catastrophe. Always keep a kabob basket near the grilling space to keep the kabob in order. Add Wind Guards to control the heat and adjust the temperature. 

  • Get the perfect recipe.

Look for the perfect grilling recipe once you have brought all the equipment. Beginners should not opt for complicated recipes. Look for simple yet good recipes for making good food. You should know how the heat affects the food taste and quality. Some vegetables need direct heat for cooking, while others require indirect heat. You should cook those vegetables on charcoal directly with good water content. At the same time, vegetables with high starch content need indirect heat. Make your BBQ sauce that will give extra flavors to the grilled food, and use the sauce to marinate the food. 

  • Know the grilling time

A grill master knows well that on which temperature the food will grill. Every food item has a specific temperature and timing for cooking. You must know which cooking ingredients will bleed the juice out of the meat. For instance, sprinkling a generous amount of salt and black pepper will make the meat more juicy and tender. 

Furthermore, you should not serve the meat instantly when it is cooked. Wait for approximately 4-10 minutes; that allows the contracted muscle fibers to relax and reabsorb the juice. Similarly, rest the larger pieces of meat for a bit longer. To check if the chicken leg is cooked or not, use your fingers to twist it. The chicken is undercooked if the portion does not move. Before serving, add more sauces to uplift its flavor.

  • Give your grill a coffee bath

Improper cleaning of the grill will give some unwelcomed flavor to the food. Therefore, thoroughly clean the grill to remove the residues. Heat the grill for about 5-10 minutes, then use a solid scrubber to clean all the dirt and residues. You can use a coffee bath for better cleaning. Coffee is an acidic and, thus, a helpful cleaning agent. Soak the grill for approximately 60-70 minutes, then scrub it using a scraper. 


To become a grill master, one must know the tips and tricks of grilling. He should seek expert advice to perform well. Furthermore, he should know the right temperature and grilling gadgets to present the food in its best form and taste. 

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