How to Build a Santa Maria Grill at Home?

How To Build A Santa Maria Grill

The Santa Maria Grill is one of the most popular grills in Argentina. It is used as a common grill in Argentina which is why most people call it an Argentina grill. It is one of the simplest grills you can ever have. A one-frame grill preserves the heat, and you can mobilize the grid on which the meat is placed. This mobility would allow you to move the meat near the flames and away from them. When the flames are higher, you will keep the meat higher; when they are low, you can move the meat near to it to get heat.

There are a lot of ways to build a proper Santa Maria Grill, and we have one at our disposal. It is the most simple, affordable, and manageable way to build a Santa Maria Grill. Read this article to know how to build a Santa Maria Grill for yourself.

It is a three layers grill that uses each layer for a different purpose to have the best grilling experience. One layer is used for fireworks, the second is used for meat, and the third is used as a cleanup tray. This grill can either be three-sided or four-sided. This is one of the best grills you can ever find made. You might be a fan of the Traeger Grill or the George Foreman Grill, but the Santa Maria Grill is no less.

Now the question is how to build a proper and best possible Santa Maria Grill. To build your own Santa Maria Grill, you need certain things but do not worry because these things are easily available on the market. Following are the things that are needed to build your own Santa Maria Grill.

Things you need to have

Most of the things you need for building the grills are metals, for instance, the metal cutter, Metal Sheet, Metal table legs, and metal rods. Additionally, you will need a welding machine, a protective helmet and face shield, measuring tapes, and a stainless steel net. Stainless steel grills are more effective in performance than other materials. Furthermore, you should decide what size grill you want to build so that you can order your types of equipment based on that.

1. Measure everything

The first step you need to do is to measure the metal sheet in a proper way. Mark lines on those areas where you are about to make a cutting. Do not extend or shorten the length of the metal sheet because once you cut the metal sheet, you cannot add or remove more pieces to it. The base needs to be built, and for that, you need to measure the width and length of the metal sheet.

2. Cut things based on measurements

The next step is using the metal cutter and cutting the metal sheet using the already market lines as a guideline. You should not move the metal cutter here, and there from the lines you made for cutting otherwise, you will end up ruining the design. Additionally, you will need grooves for BBQ, so for that, you also need to measure the thickness of the grid and make these grooves. Cutting is a very important step, so you should be careful.

3. Weld the sheets to the base

After cutting the measurement and cutting the shield, the next step is welding. For that, you will have to use the welding machine. The metal sheet should be brought to the edges of the blade. Remember that the sheet that is longer should be used first. When the sheet is aligned with the edges of the base, start welding them. First, weld one corner, then the center, and then the other corner of the metal sheet. Do this to the rest of the sides.

4. Weld the legs to the base

The next step is to weld the legs to the base of the grill. This is also a welding job because you will need to weld four legs to the base of the grill. You can do this before welding the metal sheets to the base. But you will need to flip over the base to weld the sheets. Whatever way suits you, do that because they both are the same. But we would prefer to weld the sheets to the base and then weld the legs. Legs play an important role in Santa Maria Grill.

5. Final step

In the final step, you have to weld two rods to either side of the grill, which should be of equal length. Then the rotating rod is placed between them, forming a triangular structure. You should weld all these things to make it more perfect. Additionally, the welding rod will have two chains attached so that you can bring the base to the flame and take it back.

You should keep one thing in mind the length of the chain should not be too much or too less. It is because these chains will bring the base to the flames and back it up. So more or lesser, the length will create problems for you.

Final thoughts!

Although there are a lot of ways through which you can make a proper Santa Maria Grill this is the most simple and affordable way. If you want to apply other ways of building such grills, then you will need to spend more time and money on that project. It can now be used as a perfect outdoor grill or even as an indoor grill.

Additionally, you should take safety precautions because building a Santa Maria Grill can be very dangerous. The edges of the base are the most dangerous things. Therefore, you should keep yourself away from them or sand them down so they would not harm you. Similarly, the handle may get heat so ensure that it is insulated.

These are some of the things that you should know before building a Santa Maria Grill. follow these instructions, and have your grill at home and enjoy the feast.

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