How To Get Rust Off Griddle Before a Grilling Session?

How to get rust off griddle

Cleaning and maintaining the grill is far more complex than grilling itself. Many people wonder how to get rust off griddle. Thus, they keep neglecting the task of cleaning the grill. Hence, a time reaches when that obscure grill’s functioning and working. That’s why experts suggest cleaning the grill regularly, whether it is an indoor grill or an outdoor grill.

Many grills are made from stainless steel infrastructure. This component spares a person from this extra cleaning as it is anti-rusting. Additionally, many griddles have porcelain coating that doesn’t allow settling the rust. However, such griddle still encounters rusting due to negligence. A person should regularly clean the grill, whether made from porcelain. It will surely go a long way in making you a grill master among your friends and colleagues.  

How rusting develops?

The process of rusting is galvanized in the presence of moisture. Iron constitutes that shiny griddle. Hence, that surface is more prone to rusting. It takes place when iron reacts with oxygen in the presence of water. That’s why it is advised that the griddle should not be damp and moist. 

Although rusting makes iron a stable metal, it is dangerous to health. Rusting imparts brown color and bitter taste to the food. Hence, your grill becomes non-functioning once rusting develops. 

How to fix a rusty griddle?

A griddle can get free of rust by following some significant guidelines. Rusting is hard to remove from the metal surface. However, some techniques can make your griddle rust-free. Before fixing a griddle, you may need the following essential items.

  • A scraper
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Towel
  • Lubricant
  • Grill stones

Some essential steps for cleaning the griddle

  • Preheat the griddle for about 20 minutes. This maneuver will make the rust and other residues mild. The griddle can have residual items or debris from previous grilling sessions. Those stick to the surface and diminish the grilling efficiency of a grill. This way, the rust becomes soft and mild for the scrapper to do this job. 
  • It is advised for consumers to wear heat-resistant gloves. These gloves will prevent them from any recurring damage. It’s not an easy task to remove the debris from a heated surface. Therefore, precautions are advised for everyone. 
  • After 20 minutes, turn off the stove that was heating the griddle. Allow the griddle to rest for a while. Start scraping the surface after waiting for two to three minutes. A metal scrapper is an efficient tool to help eliminate rust and corrosion. Find the perfect angle for scrapping. Tilting the scraper at a 100-degree angle will give you enough lift and force to clean the surface. 
  • After removing the rust, apply cooking oil or any lubricant on the surface. Now take a griddle stone or sandpaper to clean the surface. This step will help eliminate minute particles left over by the metal scrapper. The lubricant will make the surface smooth for easy removal. After a while, a smooth and lustrous griddle will appear in front of you. 
  • The next step includes a paper towel for extra cleaning. To accomplish this stage, you need a paper towel. The Paper tower will remove all the scraped-off residues from the surface. 
  • Moreover, apply the oil twice and wipe with a paper towel. It will ensure extra cleaning of the surface. 
  • The last step is seasoning the surface. It involves applying oil to the griddle and heating it. It gives an extra protective surface. This surface will keep the griddle surface moist-free to avoid rusting. 
  • After cleaning the griddle, you must place fabric over it to avoid any exposure to the air. 


Cleaning your griddle regularly will prevent any deposition of rust. However, if it develops, one should not worry about it. By following these steps, a person can make the grill brand new. The method applies to all types of grills, including camping grills and charcoal grills.

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