How to put out charcoal grill?

How to put out charcoal grill

There is something about barbecue food that, no matter the age group, everybody loves it. Charcoal grilling the meat is one of the finest ways to cook it, as heating enhances the food taste. Because of the unique aroma and taste of barbecued food. It is mostly part of every holiday meal. 

But the real hassle starts after the party is over, and everybody leaves when you clean the utensils and see that the charcoal grill is still burning, unlike an electric stove that you can just turn on and off when done. 

The burning grill can be very dangerous, so you should try to put it out at the earliest opportunity. The process of putting out the charcoal grill is messy and dangerous. It is not just burnt coal and debris. –

Avoid using water on charcoal grills

Just because we know that water extinguishes fire. This doesn’t mean we should use it to put out a fire on everything. Using water on a hot charcoal grill can be very dangerous. A hot grill will put high-temperature steam that can burn you. May result in life-hazard situations.

Further, it’s not good for your grill. Pouring water on hot grills can crack your grills and may put holes. When you pour water on hot coal, it create a sluggish material that is hard to clean. Creating a messy situation when cleaning the grill.

The ideal procedure to put out the charcoal grill

There are several ways to put out the charcoal grill, but the following is the ideal way to do it. It is the safest route.

Take necessary precautions

When putting out the grill, you should wear mittens or heat-proof gloves to prevent burn. It is a simple process but taking necessary precautions always saves you from an unexpected accident. Also, carry out the process when you are not around children or pets as they may distract you.

Cutt off the oxygen supply

Close the lids and vent of the grill after removing the grill. To shut off the air supply. It is the longest step as you may need to cover it for 48 hours or more before starting to clean the grill.

Cleaning of grill

After 48 hours, when it has coal down, start the cleaning process by removing the briquettes and burnt coal or ashes. Use metal buckets instead of plastic ones to avoid any accidents. After removing the ashes, fold them in aluminum foil before throwing them in the trash. You can never be careless when it comes to fire.

Use a metal spatula or towels to clean the grill. Make sure that your grill is ashes-free. By cleaning the vents to make sure that the oxygen supply won’t be disturbed when using the grill next time. Use water and detergents to thoroughly clean the grills. After cleaning the grill, apply anti-rust protection chemicals to protect it from rust.

After the following, the whole process described above, your grills are ready to be used next time for the next holiday.

Always put out your charcoal grills

Sometimes people avoid putting out the charcoal grill as it is such a hassle. But it is a necessary thing to do when you start a grill as the grill will continue to burn until it extinguishes. Further continuous burning of coal release carbon monoxide, which is not good for your kids and you. A burning grill can be knocked out by running children or even adults. Resulting in unexpected accidents. So. when you start a grill, you must put it out too.


Many people say to use water as the above describes method is such a hassle. But using water can result in nasty burns that may take longer to heal than the above process. Shutting the oxygen supply is the safest method to put out the fire.

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