How to turn off the charcoal grill?

how to turn off the charcoal grill

Usually, gas is used for cooking, but sometimes a grill is also used. Cooking on the grill has its uniqueness and beauty. But everything has its pros and cons so does charcoal. You can quickly turn it off when you cook with gas, but turning off the charcoal becomes hectic. It needs at least forty-eight hours for a grill to turn off naturally.

You cannot wait forty-eight hours for the charcoal to turn off; you need to stop it quickly and move on with your daily routine. Leaving it as it is, but it increases the possibilities of other dangerous things. With fire not turning off, it can be hazardous for the people around the animals and people. Charcoal may cause some fires nearby.

So it is advisable to turn off the charcoal grill before winding off your party or picnic. In this article, we will show you a few steps through which you can turn off the charcoal grill easily and quickly and dispose of the ashes and used charcoal.

Forty-hour method

If you are partying in your home and you have all the time in the world, you can use this method. The first importance of this method is that it is straightforward and, most importantly, it is safe. All you have to do is close the lid of the grill and if it has vents, also close them. Then wait for forty hours to let the charcoal cool down.

Once the charcoal in the grill is cool, you can take the used charcoal and ashes and throw them away. You can keep it with yourself because the half-burned charcoal can be saved for future use. This is the easiest and safest method. But what if you do not have that much time or are not partying in your home? Well, in that situation you can go for other methods.

Using water

There is old enmity between fire and water. It is only the water that cools down the fire. So to quickly turn off the charcoal grill within a few hours, you should use water. But water is not used in a traditional way that you can throw water on the grill, and it will turn off automatically. Pouring water on the hot grill can be an invitation to more danger because the grill will release hot steam, which is more dangerous than anything else.

There is a unique technique used for it. Firstly, you would need a few things like a water bucket, heat-resistant BBQ gloves, a pair of metal tongs, and aluminum foil.


For fire, oxygen is an essential entity, so first, you need to turn off ventilation to charcoal. For that, you would need to close the lid and vents of the charcoal grill. The fire will extinguish, and the charcoal will cool down in an hour with this. Then with the heat-resistance BBQ gloves, take charcoal pieces one by one and put them in the water bucket, and let them wet in the water for a few minutes.

After a few minutes take these wet charcoal pieces from the water bucket and place them in the open place to dry them off. Once they are dry, put them on the aluminum foil alongside ashes. Now your grill is empty of charcoal, and you can clean it. You should try to clean the cooking chamber, grates, and vents.

Fast method

If you do not have time for the water method and want to do it quicker, then a third method can be used. It is an easy but more risky method. All you have to do is pick a bucket full of water, stay a few feet away from the grill, and pour all the water on the grill. But you should make sure that you are away from the grill so that when the hot steam comes out of the grill, they do not harm you. Then place the wet charcoal on the aluminum foil to be dried up.


These are some of the best methods to turn off the grill charcoal. Try to turn off the charcoal, which is better for you. If you have time, we recommend you use the forty-hour method because it is simple and safe. But if you are in a hurry, you can use the rest of the ways.