Ninja AG301 Review | Sizzling Grilling Experience 2023

Ninja AG301 Review Summary

Ninja AG301 Review


  • Cyclonic Grilling Technology
  • It comes with multiple accessories
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Dual-functioning device


  • Slightly heavy

What comes to your mind when someone says ‘grilling?’ For sure, more than a fun activity, it seems like a grinding task for you. Essentially, grilling is associated with setting up the grill, igniting the charcoal, and making other necessary preparations. The fun part cannot begin unless you break your back in setting up grilling equipment.

What if you can enjoy the grilling without making all these hectic arrangements? An indoor electric grill serves the same purpose. With this electric device, one can enjoy the perfect grill, even at midnight. Among them, one of the notable grill devices is Ninja AC301. This review offers expert advice for you to make the right decision. 

What makes Ninja AG301 better than others?

Ninja AC301 uses cyclonic air at 500 F. This super hot air channel can even defrost and grill the food within 25 minutes. Amazingly, it functions as a dual cooking apparatus as it works both as a grill and air fryer. This easy-to-use application serves the most tender and juicy food with a twist of charcoal.

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A Deep Insight

A sneak peeks into this magnificent grilling device will take you to a new venture. This mini grill has all the essential features that make it no less than a traditional outdoor camping grill. It introduces a wide range of cooking techniques, which help you to offer variety in grilling and air frying. Whether making beef patties or crispy air fry chicken, it produces a quick and healthy meal for the whole family. 

Ninja AC301 is here to satisfy your midnight cravings. With its high-density grill grates, you can grill the meat within 25 minutes. It tends to preserve the natural tenderness and flavor in the food and make it velvety and juicy. It uses stainless steel in its making. This notable material is renowned as a rust-repellent one. Therefore, this grill cooks mouth-watering food while preventing any damage from rusting.  

Significant Features of Ninja AC301

This versatile device offers the perfect grill with a flavor of an air fryer. It sears and sizzles the food with a perfect taste. Here are some distinguishing features that make it a prime choice. 

The Original Grill

Are you fed up with replicas that deliver bad taste due to inefficient grates? It offers dual functions, working as a grill and air fryer. This indoor grill serves the same purpose as a conventional outdoor grill. Hence, this versatile grill and air fryer sizzle and grill the food to give a professional touch to your food. 

Advanced Grilling Technology

Unlike conventional grills, Ninja AC301 houses advanced technology called “cyclonic grilling technology.” For delicious char-grilled food, it uses cyclonic air. The air enclosed in that chamber is heated at 500 Fahrenheit. 

This pre-heated air tends to spread to all compartments, grilling the food homogenously. Moreover, with this technology, you can no longer feel nostalgic about your traditional charcoal smoker grill

Grilling Power

This 14.5 pounds device offers BTU cooking power. This power is sufficient to cook your food deliciously while restoring its aroma, texture, and flavor. Hence, you can entirely rely on this indoor grill that offers convenience to its users. 

A Healthy Cooking Technique

Ninja AC301 incorporates an air fryer to simulate a deep air fryer. With this innovative addition, you can enjoy crispy chicken without worrying about calorie intake. Ninja AC301 claims to offer 75% less fat than the regular deep fryer. This significant reduction in calories provides a healthy way of enjoying your favorite meal. Whether making crispy French fries or chicken, enjoy the meal without worrying about calories. 

An Efficient Indoor Grill

With this efficient grilling tool, you no longer have to defrost the food. Its efficient grilling grates and cyclonic air streams are powerful enough to break down strong bonds in the ice. Eventually, it can transform a defrosted food into a perfectly grilled one in only 25 minutes. Set the timer and make other preparations until your grilled food is ready. 

Easy Maintenance

Many grills give a tough time to their users, possibly during their cleaning. It is hard to clean the grill, especially the grilling grates. However, as per the Ninja AC301 review, it has a rust-free surface to protect it against atmospheric damage. Additionally, its grills are coated nonstick ceramic surface that prevents debris deposition. 

Ninja AC301 grill’s other functioning parts, such as the crisper basket and cooking pot, are easy to clean. You can even use a dishwasher for its thorough cleaning. 


Ninja AC301 indoor grill and air fryer don’t come alone. Ninja company has included other accessories so users can enjoy this new version of grilling. This grill comes with a recipe book. This way, you can grill the food by using professional techniques. 

Ninja AC301 houses a grill grate that measures 10” x 10”. Additionally, it also includes a Crisper basket and Cooking spot, measuring 4 qt and 6 qt. Hence, this easy-to-use application provides you with the best equipment for efficient grilling.

What should you buy Ninja AG301?

Ninja AC301 presents unique features that hardly make you leave this efficient grill. It is a one-stop to quickly grill or air fryer the food. Moreover, it is an electric device that does not require extra effort to burn charcoal. Buying it will get you flavorful and tender food in no time. 
Ninja AC301 comes with a grill and an air fryer that gives your food a professional touch, aroma, and flavor. At times, your food lacks the right tenderness and flavor. Therefore, Ninja AC301 helps you in this by giving a recipe book to its potential users. If you want to satisfy your craving for mouth-watering food, get Ninja AC301, which is more than just a grill. 

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