Traeger Pro 22 Review| Critical Features + Pros & Cons Included

For most people, grilling is their favorite past-time. Grilling is a technique for cooking food on ignited charcoal. Hence, a grill expert has the best grilling device to serve the purpose. A person equips himself with all the essential tools and items for tender and smoky-flavored meat. Therefore, he chooses the best grill for a more tender, juicy, and flavor-enriched food. 

Among all grilling devices, the most exceptional is the Traeger pro 22. This Traeger Pro 22 review is for every barbeque lover who lives for amazing grilling gadgets.

What makes it better than others?

It provides an extra grill rack to cook more food at one time. Moreover, it automatically controls the heat and prevents the burning of food. Its lightweight design makes it compatible with portability as it weighs only 103 pounds.  

In-depth Review

The high-quality steel imparts stability and durability to the Traeger pro 22 grill. Moreover, it saves the grill from the rusting process. It incorporates an additional feature of sawhorse chassis for bringing extra stability. 

It functions automatically by controlling combustion and smoke. Hence, due to this modern technology, one should find outdoor grilling convenient and easy.

Most grill experts recommend Traeger pro 22 for grilling your food professionally. It is the best equipment for baking and roasting meat and other food items. Some of its unique features are;

A spacious grilling area

The Traeger pro 22 is a pellet grill that utilizes food pellets for combustion. This pellet grill is unique in its design and shape. It provides a larger area for grilling purposes. Hence, you can place multiple items in the grilling area. It saves your time by grilling many things in a single go. 

The Traeger pro 22 is a pellet grill that utilizes wood pieces to start the fire. This conventional method will deliver a smoky flavor to the grilled food. Hence, you can seek the aroma and taste of smoke. 

Sawhorse Chassis

The Traeger 22 pro grill gains its stability from the sawhorse chassis. This extra feature imparts extra strength and sustainability to the grill. Many times, the grill loses its balance and falls to the ground. This situation could be dangerous for the people around the grill. Therefore, to overcome the problem, sawhorse chassis is an excellent alternative. 

Lift bars

A person can safely uplift the grill with the help of side lift bars. These bars will distribute the weight proportion if one intends to lift the grill. 


It provides stability if one wants to drag it from one place to another. These all-terrain wheels can help to move the grill quickly. Moreover, they are efficient enough to sustain the entire weight of the grill. 


Many ordinary grills do not have the capacity to control the combustion process. However, the Traeger pro 22 can handle the burning process. You can vary the temperature of the grill by 15 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Dual meat probes

The grill had a dual meat probe to cook more meat at one time. Hence, this saves your time and energy in grilling. 

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Better temperature regulation
  • More spacious grilling place
  • Better stability


  • It has two wheels

Why should you buy it?

It is versatile equipment that helps cook, grill, and bake different food items. It has an efficient temperature sensor and monitoring system to regulate combustion. Moreover, it has a large grilling panel to save you extra time. 

Final thoughts

It has advanced and efficient technology for homogenously cooking food items. Moreover, it offers versatile cooking techniques that impart a traditional smoky flavor to the grilled food. We have tried to cover every aspect in this Traeger Pro 22 review for making it an easy purchase for you. Therefore, it is the most efficient grilling technique.

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