Weber Q1200 Review 2023 | 189 Square Inches Grill

Weber Q1200 Grill Review Summary

Weber Q1200 Grill Review


  • Portable 
  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced cooking areas 
  • Durable
  • Five years of warranty


  • Slightly expensive
  • Issues with valve and regulator 

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Grilling has become a norm in many cultures, and a party is rarely considered a party without grilling. However, for proper grilling, you need a feature-packed grill that would be perfect in every aspect. The Weber Q1200 Grill provides you with the best experiences because when George Stephen created the first grill, he intended to bring his friends and family for a proper and good meal. Since then, the company has ensured this policy of providing the best quality meals with the help of this grill.

You will not see any compromise on the quality of the Weber Q1200 Grill. The company is continuously working to enhance the grill quality more effectively each year by adding new technology. Whether that is the original kettle with heat-controlling dampers, electronic temperature controls, or Flavorizer bars, the weber was the first to introduce it to the grilling experience. It is one of the main reasons for its higher demand.

The following article will thoroughly analyze the different features of Weber Q1200 Grill, which will further increase your trust in this product. Read the article till last, and you will know the actual worth of this grill.

How is Weber Q1200 different than others?

There are several reasons why Weber Q1200 Grill is different from others, one of which is its spacious cooking area. Additionally, it is more durable and lightweight due to the materials from which it is made. You will hardly come across such a durable product when it comes to modern indoor grills with an enlarged cooking area that is portable as well. This aspect makes it different and better from the rest of the grills in the market.

In-depth Weber Q1200 review

There are a lot of notable features of the Weber Q1200 Grill, we have highlighted some unique components and amazing features in order to help you make up your mind about this product. These features include the cooking area, durability, portability, and ease. Also, we have some instructions about this grill which you must read.

Cooking area

A grill’s cooking area matters a lot because most people tend to buy a grill with more cooking area. Those grills that have more cooking area are considered to be the best no matter what are its other features. The Weber Q1200 Grill has a cooking area of 189 square inches which is far better than the grills in this series. You can cook multiple items within its cooking area at one time. Alongside the cooking area, The Weber Q1200 has many other fantastic features discussed ahead.


Not only the cooking area but the overall body of The Weber Q1200 Grill is durable because of the materials from which it is made. The cooking area of this grill is made of Porcelain-enameled cast iron, while the overall body is made of cast aluminum. Additionally, the lid of this grill is also made of cast aluminum. These materials are one of the most durable materials you can ever use for a product. Usually, a product made of these materials surely last long.

Easy to use

The accessibility and comfort of using such a product elevate its demand and make it a more convenient option for buyers. The Weber Q1200 Grill has effortless usage; even a child can start it. The Weber Q1200 Grill has a perfect electronic ignition starting system, allowing you to start the grill quickly. Furthermore, it has an infinite control burner valve setting, allowing you to have settings according to your wish and need of the hour. You do not need to adjust the meat according to the setting; instead, you can adjust the setting according to the meat requirements.


Search for the most demanded grills, and you will find those grills at the top of the portable list. It is also considered suitable for outdoor events as it’s one of the best outdoor electric grills that are easier to carry. The Weber Q1200 Grill is one of those grills that are considered one of the best when it comes to portability. The 1-pound weight allows you to carry it wherever you want, wherever your want. If you are about to go to a party next door, you can carry it with you without feeling any extra burden.


Although it is labeled as one of the best grills, one thing should be noted it may cause serious health issues. The brass exposes you to lead, which is very dangerous to your health. According to some health experts, more lead exposure may cause cancer. Not only this, but any product with lead will cause health issues. The simple way to avoid this is to wash your hands with detergents after handling this product.

Why should you buy Weber Q1200?

If you also prefer a more durable grill that has more cooking area and is simultaneously portable, then The Weber Q1200 Grill is there for you. You will hardly find a cooking grill with all these three features at once because it is complicated for a grill to be portable and have more cooking areas. You can take benefit from this unique grill.

Final Thoughts

There are many unique grills on the market, but finding a better and perfect one is quite hectic because you are most likely to get wrong with too many choices. That is why we have given you the best electric grill based on research and experience. This one is better in every aspect, and most probably, you will never regret buying it. Not only this grill, but every grill that belongs to Weber is considered the best one, but the uniqueness of this grill lies in its features like durability, portability, and large cooking area. The price is slightly higher, but its features justify it.

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