9 Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews: In-Depth Guide 2023

best smokeless indoor grill

Are you looking for an easy and reliable way to enjoy your grilled bbq meats and seared veggies even on days when the weather is not on your side? Or are you too lazy to fire up the grill and stack charcoal to enjoy some juicy steaks and fish? Or are you allergic and cannot stand the heaps of smoke coming from the busy grill making your overall experience a little problematic? In any case, the solution is quite simple – An Indoor smokeless Electric Grill available at your local electric stores!

An indoor electric smokeless grill is a great item for your culinary needs. Not only does it provide you with smokeless cooking and luxury of staying within the premises of your kitchen, but also it provides a near authentic bbq taste that you so passionately love at weekends or other parties.

Specifically, the utility of these grills is highly appreciated if you do not have enough space for a proper grill or you do not like hefty preparations and after-cleaning required for a charcoal grill. And let’s be honest, luxurious outdoor space is something not all of us may possess. This is where these highly portable and smokeless grills come into the market. 

With this great utility item, you can channel your inner grill master and enjoy your favorite flavors. All this without facing the discomfort of preparations, charcoal stacking, and problematic smoke sensations. Especially if you are allergic or have a medical condition like asthma. These smokeless grills can be something more than a life-saving change you need to have in your life. 

However, with numerous options available in the market, it can be pretty difficult to pick out the best one. To help you on this journey, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide for you including the 10 Best Smokeless Indoor Grills available in the market right now.

Top Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Comparison Table

1Power XLPower XL Smokeless Grill
2Charles-Oakley-Hot-Shot-Smokeless-GrillCharles Oakley Hot Shot
3Philips-Smoke-less-Indoor-BBQ-Grill-Avance-CollectionPhilips HD6371/94
4Cuisinart-GR-150P1-GR-150-Griddler-Deluxe-Brushed-Stainless-1Cuisinart GR-150P1
5Cuisinart-GR-150P1-GR-150-Griddler-Deluxe-Brushed-Stainless-1T-fal GC7
6George-Foreman-15-Serving-IndoorGeorge Foreman GGR50B
7GoWISE-USA-GW88000-2-in-1-Smokeless-Indoor-GrillGoWISE USA GW88000 2-in-1
8chefwave-smokeless-indoor-electric-grill-1ChefWare 5 In 1
9Ninja-Foodi-5-in-1-4Ninja Foodi AG301

1. Power XL Smokeless Grill – Best Cheap Smokeless Indoor Grill

Power XL Smokeless Grill - Best Cheap Smokeless Indoor Grill

If you are looking for an optimum and modern grilling experience within your kitchen or indoors, with minimal smoke and handy additional features, the Power XL smokeless grill is the best option for you out there. With its large grill size of 13.75 x 8”, it can cater to your whole meal desired quite efficiently. You can even cook an entire chicken on it at once.

The non-stick surface using ceramic-Tech coating provides extra delicacy to your meals. Even the fluffiest and softest of fishes can be cooked without using a drop of extra oil or fat. Zero sticking means zero residual to be scrapped off after you have done cooking. The oil tray at the bottom will completely change your cooking experience requiring minimal and quicker cleaning after each use. 

A removable grill plate will vividly reduce your after-meal cleaning hours. This is because it can be popped into the dishwasher easily and is safe to be used as such. The advanced LED smart Temperature control allows you to set the best and optimum temperature. It can go up to 450 degrees celsius for even the toughest of meat cuts. Even cooking from edge to edge allows doneness according to your taste. 

With its turbo smoke extraction, you can transform your normal closed kitchen countertops and indoors into an outside like premium charcoal fueled grill. Producing ideally similar taste to the charcoal grills,  you can easily enjoy the perfect bbq taste with minimal cleaning. You can even cook frozen food straight from the freezer easily without compromising the taste.


  •  Minimum preparations and cleaning required
  • Even heating for dining perfection
  • Removable and easy to-use-grill
  • Turbo smoke extractor
  • Non-stick ceramic grill


  • The Fan has a limited working time

2. Charles Oakley Hot Shot – Best Compact Indoor Smokeless Grill

Charles Oakley Hot Shot - Best Compact Indoor Smokeless Grill

Charles Oakley Hotshot grill is the best one to go for when it comes to multi-functionality in everyday use utensils. Since it comes with a standard grill grate and a griddle plate that can be used both like a normal pan and a searing grill surface. Its dual cooking surface allows it to be more useful and efficient in home-based cooking. Also coming in various sizes, the Charles grill will cater to your different cooking needs easily.

The most significant advantage that these grills offer is their portability and compact designs. Subsequently, this allows consumers to enjoy authentic bbq taste anywhere they want. No need to prepare the old charcoal grill and deal with the hefty cleaning process afterward, just plug in the electric indoor grill and make any area your picnic area. 

The smart mass-free drip tray catches any extra oil or fat during the cooking process. Additionally, the innovative design allows you to pull out the dripping tray easily and clean it either by simply washing by hand or putting it in the dishwasher. No more tiring and troublesome cleaning of the filthy grill required as this easy to disassemble design allows quick cleaning. 

The innovation and compatibility do not just end here, as this grill comes with an adjustable heating device allowing smooth and even heating on the grill and consequently tastier meals. The state-of-the-art technology used in the smoke extraction fan is one of the most prominent features, virtually zeroing down any sort of smoke that is produced during the use.


  •  Various sizes for extra compatibility
  • High-quality fan
  • Dual grilling surfaces
  • Mass-free dripping tray
  • Near authentic normal bbq taste


  • The temperature limit is 275 degrees. 

3. Philips HD6371/94 – Best Overall Smokeless Indoor Grill

Philips HD6371/94  - Best Overall Smokeless Indoor Grill

When it comes to durable and easy-to-use home appliances, Philips smokeless grills are surely among the top contenders of the mentioned market. Its advanced infrared technology and special reflectors are one of the most vivid features that will prove super-beneficial for your daily cooking needs.

As one of the advanced technology electric grills, it helps in guiding the heat smoothly and evenly through the grilling surface which will ultimately result in delicious and properly cooked food. You have the liberty of throwing any type of meat on the grill and achieve the perfect level of sear and doneness for your acquired taste. 

The user-friendliness just doesn’t end here. The evenly increasing temperature diminishes the need for manual temperature changing and goes up to a smoking 446 degrees. This temperature is optimal when it comes to meats and veggies. The quick 1-minute setup of the indoor grill makes sure you spend more time cooking and less in preparation. 

Apart from the logistics part of the day to day cooking requirements, this grill features a 120 volts electric plate that will ensure the food or meat is cooked quickly and evenly without draining in its own fat. The collector plate is easy to separate and safe to clean in a dishwasher for easy maintenance. 


  •  Quick 1-minute setup
  • 120-volt electric grill for proper searing and bbq
  • Oil and fat separator 
  • Infrared technology that ensures even cooking


  • Slightly lower grade material to reduce overall weight. 

4. Cuisinart GR-150P1 – Best Versatile Smokeless Indoor Grill

Cuisinart GR-150P1 - Best Versatile Smokeless Indoor Grill

To satisfy and fulfill all your varied cooking and bbq needs, you need a multi-functional and multi-purpose grill that can accommodate a wide range of cooking applications. The Cuisinart GR-152 is the one to go for if you are considering the multi-functionality indoor grill with grill griddle combo. It comes with six different options of contact grill, panini press, full griddle, full grill, half grill, half griddle, and top melt. 

With its easily removable nonstick griddle plate made of stainless steel, it is quite easy to clean requiring a minimum of your precious time. Moreover, the reversible option for the grill and griddle plate allows you to extract multi uses from the grill without requiring any prep or cleaning. 

Its innovative dual-zone temperature control allows various new features. You can now sear your different cuts of meat at a staggering 500 degrees without having the trouble of burning the meat. The even heating system alloys the best possible sear you can get even on an outdoor charcoal grill.

Operates at 1800 watts of power so you know it can cook through any meat and cut you possess. Additionally, it has a separate dripping tray which is dishwasher safe. Its top cover comes with six adjustable presets to provide further utility as in top melts and for storage purposes. This is the reason why you would prefer this as one of your favorite tabletop grills.


  •  Adjustable top
  • Dual-zone temperature control going up to 500 degrees
  • Dripping tray 
  • Power full operating at 1800 watts
  • Allows six different functions 


  • Does not last long and is made for a limited number of usages

5. T-fal GC7 – Best Programmed Indoor Smokeless Grill

T-fal GC7 - Best Programmed Indoor Smokeless Grill

We live in a world of innovation and we want for ourselves the latest products that give various functions and cater to our varied needs. In the realm of cooking appliances, the T-fal GC70 marks its position as one of the most innovative and extravagant indoor grilling appliances in the market. 

It has a unique cycle that controls its heating according to the thickness of the food you put in. In addition to this, it also has an automated control panel for different cooking tasks you may perform. Specifically, it has six programs for cooking burgers, poultry, sandwich, sausage, red meat, and fish. With its wide 600 square centimeter cooking surface, you can easily use it for all the bigger cuts of meat.

Specifically, in the case of grilling steaks, this grill provides the luxury of dedicated beeping lights indicating the ready state after pre-heating. Moreover, it has beeps to alert you of the state of your steak from rare to medium to well-done. 

It has two cooking modes, one for the direct frozen items and other for manual settings in which you can cook your meals the way you want. The juice dripping tray is tilted at 7 degrees for maximum efficiency and grease-free meals. Additionally, it has a die-cast aluminum and non-stick removable grill plates for easy cleaning. 


  •  Easy monitoring of food through LED and beeping lights
  • Die-cast aluminum and non-stick griddle
  • 2 cooking modes for frozen and manual cooking
  • Heating cycle control allows heating according to the food


  • The automated control panel requires extra maintenance and care. 

6. George Foreman GGR50B – Best Large Serving Smokeless Grill

George Foreman GGR50B - Best Large Serving Smokeless Grill

One of the greater perks of having a traditional outdoor charcoal grill is its big size that can cook or grill large amounts of meat in one go. Most of the indoor smokeless electric grills out there are not entirely up to the task when it comes to a comparable size. This problem is solved by one of the highly efficient George Foreman grills having the capacity to grill at least 15 servings in one go making your cooking tasks easier and quicker.

Its two-in-one function allows it to be taken out to the patio or in case of bad weather, its foldable and removable stands allow it to be used on the kitchen top as well. Moreover, it has a non-stick coating allowing super efficient cleaning and cooking free of scraps and grease. 

The advanced automated temperature control panel of this grill allows you to set five different temperatures dedicated to five different cooking styles and foods. You do not have to worry about having that complicated cooking sense to make your meals perfect. Just turn the nob and enjoy the feast.

The specially designed domed grill lid provides benefits in terms of keeping the food safe from wind and dust and secondly, it keeps the oil and scraps from splashing on your countertops to assist in cleaning and efficient cooking. The outdoor stand is made of metal so it requires less maintenance also making it one of the preferred outdoor electric grills.


  •  Outdoor stand plus indoor smokeless option available
  • Advanced automated temperature control
  • Domed grill lid for extra protection
  • Large size catering to more than 15 servings per go


  • May not fit in the dishwasher due to its circular shaped lid and griddle

7. GoWISE USA GW88000 2-in-1 – Best Easy To Use Smokeless Indoor Grill

GoWISE USA GW88000 2-in-1 - Best Easy To Use Smokeless Indoor Grill

If you want to experience great grilled food taste cooked within the vicinity of your home or kitchen without having to go through the trouble of selecting the perfect weather day for your traditional charcoal grill and it’s tiring preparations, the GoWISE smokeless grill is the perfect choice for you.  With its 17 inch surface and grilled low profile, you can easily manage its storage and cook meals for your entire family. 

The non-stick grill and griddle combo plates that come along with it are super-useful. While cleaning, the remaining residual food can be easily scraped off from the non-stick ceramic surface. The removable grill planets are dishwasher safe proving a great help in after-use cleaning tasks.

Comes with a built-in fan that greatly reduces virtual smoke. You do not have to care about your smoke alarm setting off as this built-in fan will remove all sorts of visible smoke that is often associated when it comes to grilling and bbq. Now you can make bbq and other grilled meals to perfection perfectly mimicking the original and authentic charcoal grill taste. 

Another great incentive to this grill is its heating feature that makes the grill go up to a smoking 482 degrees evenly and quickly. Moreover, it comes with a book of 20 delicious recipes to start you off and gets you hooked to this great grilling experience. Now enjoy your favorite delicacies with a smoke-free kitchen. 


  •  Non-stick surface
  • 20 start off recipes included
  • Quick heating going up to a smoking 182 degrees
  • Grilled low profile for easy storage 


  • Slightly big so requires some effort while cleaning

8. ChefWare 5 In 1 – Best Smokeless Indoor Grill For Multi-tasks

ChefWare 5 In 1 - Best Smokeless Indoor Grill For Multi-tasks

When talking about the prospect of smokeless grills, the degree or extent to which these grills are effective is often overshadowed by their various innovative designs, perks, and functions. But the ChefWare smokeless grills are changing the traditional way of looking at these products. The astonishing 80% reduction in smoke that these grills provide will surely catch your eye.

With their smokeless infrared technology and a 5-in-1 package, you can cook your various meats and veggies to perfection without burning them and achieve the authentic bbq taste we all desire. You have the option to make grilled items, rotisserie, kebabs, fries, and fish with its high utility structure and accessories. 

Its stainless steel construction allows super-high durability and low maintenance so you do not have to worry about the preparations and tiring work. It’s super fine grill surface makes it perfect for meals like hamburgers, patties, fish, cheese sticks, salmon, veggies, and much more. 

The removable dripping try and oil spillage plat are easy to wipe clean and even safe to be used in a dishwasher for extra efficient cleaning. Having a large surface area, you can easily put on any kind of meat cut you like and cook it to perfection.


  •  Stainless steel sturdy construction
  • Removable spillage tray
  • 5-in-1 variation with infrared heating
  • 80% reduction in smoke


  • A little heavier for extra durability

9. Ninja Foodi AG301 – Best Top Rated Smokeless Indoor Grill

Ninja Foodi AG301 - Best Top Rated Smokeless Indoor Grill

If you are looking for complete cooking and kitchen experience, you need to consider the Ninja grills. Apart from providing an authentic charcoal-like bbq taste, they also give you the luxury of air frying, searing, and sizzling crisps for everyday foods. The hot air circulates the food thoroughly to provide perfect cooking and searing. 

The high-density grill goes up to a staggering 500 degrees and will create the charcoal grill like marks on your meals providing them an aesthetic side as well as their perfect taste. The latest, cyclonic grilling technology, allows even heating and searing for your meats and veggies and provides authentic char-grilling within the premises of your kitchen. 

It pirates at the same BTU as your average outdoor grill, so you know it will provide the best bbq taste for sure. Moreover, it quickly heats up your frozen foods in just under 25 minutes so you do not have to go through the trouble of defrosting and preparing. 

Non-stick removable griddles and dishwasher safe cleaning are more useful than you can imagine. Air fry causes crisps with more than 75% reduction in fat compared to your regular deep fryers. Ceramic coating and a free 15 start off recipe book are just some additional perks that you can have if you opt for this grill. 


  •  High BTU operating provides authentic charcoal grilling taste
  • The air fryer makes crispiness with 75% fat reduction
  • Goes up to 500 degrees for every kind of meat
  • Cyclonic grilling technology employed to ensure even and quicker cooking


  • May cause visible smoke during the starting operation.

Buying Guide To Selecting The Best Smokeless Indoor Grill In 2021

With an array of options to choose from, we prepared a guide to help you make an informed decision when buying the best smokeless grill that fits your needs.

This guide will help break down the key factors you should keep in mind before buying the best smokeless indoor grill. This can surely help to get a grill that can prepare delicious, diverse dishes all the while producing little to no smoke.


While most smokeless grills tend to be compact, the options available can vary widely. The ideal size will come down to it’s intended use and availability of space in the kitchen.

No need to buy a grill with limited indoor space and with a small family to feed. If you love hosting parties and need to attend to a larger group, you should invest in a grill offering more cooking space.

Hence, take into consideration how much kitchen or counter space you have available and the number of people you’ll be entertaining on the regular before you decide which model to get.


The temperature limits are a crucial consideration in determining the type of smokeless grill to buy.

It is important to check the maximum temperature of the grill you want if you’re someone who would like to replicate the flavors offered by gas or charcoal grills as higher heat enables effective searing of large meat cuts.

There are also models that make use of infrared technology. Infrared models generate intense heat through radiation. As this process heats food directly, it cooks evenly by eliminating any hot and cold spots. Another advantage of using this mechanism is that it prevents the meat from drying out.

Thus, if you’re someone who would like to indulge in the pleasure of rich, perfectly seared meats, this is an important factor to take into account.

Ease of use 

Being smokeless isn’t the only feature these grills have to offer. Many models have distinctive characteristics that allow you to make the most of your grilling experience.

Some indoor smokeless grills include removable plates and non-stick surfaces.

Both of these features make sure that you make the most of convenience even after you’ve grilled your food. As they are easier to clean either by hand or can also be tossed in the dishwasher, provided they are dishwasher safe.

A drip tray is another valuable feature offered with some models which allows them to collect fat and oil and absorbs them in the water placed in the tray to reduce smoke when cooking fatty meats. This keeps things less messy.

The last thing you want is to spend hours slaving away after buying your new grill. Features like the ones mentioned above not only make the grilling experience more enjoyable but also far more convenient. So collate your requirements and preferences against these features before making a decision.

Grill types

There are two primary types of grill smokeless grills: flat and folding grills.

Flat grills enhance easy cooking and provide a larger surface area for cooking allowing you to cook more at a time.

Folding grills, on the other hand, allow for even cooking as it has two grilling plates with one that closes over the other. They can also be used to work as sandwich presses for perfectly-cooked paninis.


Generally, most products offer a warranty period of one year. Products with warranty allow you additional peace of mind when buying a product as it is a safer transaction.

It’s important to note whether the warranty covers the whole product or just parts of it. Also, check the product thoroughly for any defects before actually using it.

On A Final Note 

I think we’ve successfully established that nothing beats the rich aroma of grilled chicken, beef, fish, or fresh fried veggies on a Sunday evening. Since grilling is one of America’s dearest pastimes, choosing the right equipment is essential in order to make the most of this experience.

Smokeless Indoor Grills are the ideal cooking appliances and increasingly becoming the top choice for barbecue aficionados and grilling enthusiasts, paving the way for efficient, hassle-free grilling within the comfort of our homes.

However, as we have seen, finding the best smokeless indoor grill that satisfies preferences and requirements can be a daunting task. You will need to be diligent in your search, especially if you are not sure of what you want. Our top ten reviews in cohesion with the buying guide will form the perfect basis for decision-making. Whichever one of the above grills you select, we’re confident you won’t really go wrong.

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